Open your heart

My name is Tyler and my friend Liam Payne who is like a big brother to me has invited me to go on tour with him and his group ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know a friend of mine a famous pop star. He said that I can take two friends with me on tour so I'll take my cousin and my friend. I'm totally in love with Niall so this tour should be fun (and very interesting).


3. air sickness

Hannah's P.O.V
I hate airoplanes, I think it's the hight or possibly the movement,either way this trip will be hell because of too many fucking AIROPLANES!!!!!! Harry came and sat by me and began stroking my hair saying it would all be over soon,I shook him off my hair and giggled a little.I kept thinking about eleanor as I saw louis and Marie flirting and playfighting,I hope they knock it off by the time we meet el in Paris.

Zayn's P.O.V
I love the smell of microwave chicken on an airoplane.''Oooo that's a new headline,'Bradford bad boy obssessed with chicken!' louis tounted sarcastically,me being my charming self said to louis"FUCK OFF!"
The small chicken in the freezer was marinaded in chilli and now my mouth (and liam's cos I forcefed him a bit it) is one fire.I am gonna try and get signal so I can phone Perrie back in England.

Liam's P.O.V
I just can't stop thinking about Danielle I was,no I am so in love with her, it's unreal I was gonna propose to her, I thought we were soul mates, I'm crushed.

But I guess I should just forget about her and enjoy the tour, i'll go and talk to Hazza see if HE can cheer me up.

My P.O.V
Niall is perfect!!! I think (deep breath) I sort of love him like a proper friend I've known forever and now I'm going mad. Does he like me? I think about him all the time. Last I dreamt of him and woke up with a smile. Louis and Marie have been getting kind of close and Louis appears to have forgotten about eleanor HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!
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