turn off the lights lyrics part one

turn off the lights


1. turn off the lights pt 1

im lookin for er 3 times  yeah is that her in the v.i.p line with the vuitton and yves saint laurent used to drive a nissan now she in a beameri dont want her caus she from the corner find i heard that beamer was a loner her old man the ownerfind i dont drink coronas what type of drink you want bruhon champange forever on dirty sprie forever you can come sip with me if youd like to change the weather if you wanna live better we can buy a crib where ever dont get too thirsty get used to cheddari wanna tell the world about you just so they can get jealous and if you see er fore i do tell er i wish that i met erTURN ON THE LIGHTS im lookin for er too i heard she keep her promises and never turn on youi heard she aint gon cheat and she gon never make no move i heard she be there anytime you need er she come through   turn on the lights im lookin for her3 times turn on the lights im looking for er 4 times  send er my way tell er ive been lookin for er in the broad day hangin with the dope boys in the hallway and i know to keep er yeah you gotta get that pay turn on the lights im lokin for er too i heard she got a preety face and stand up like a stallion i heard that she a precious jewl you you treat her to medalionsi want to be the one to find outif i go to crowleys and if i get her number you know i cant wait to diall it and if we get together girl you know we gon wildin and when we get to gogether we make magic and its ours when everyouup in hereits nun nobody can to about it

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