I was at the airport when I saw him. I was going to attend my flight when cameras started flashing, people started screaming, and fans started crowding around him. I wanted to stop it but I couldn't. Who was he? Why are they so obsessed?This went on for a while as I got more and more lost in my thoughts. What did they want? Once when the crowd was gone I saw him crying and limping. I felt so bad for him. So I went up to him. He was beautiful. Blond hair, blue eyes.


3. Home for two weeks

          We arrived home later that afternoon. I dragged my luggage into my Aunt Clarise's home. It had two floors. The first floor contained the kitchen, living room, the dining room, 2 bathrooms, and the guest bedroom. I was staying in the guest bedroom. The second floor contained a master bedroom, 2 more bathrooms, a office for my Aunt, and a spare room. "You can place your stuff down in your room." said my Aunt. "Go down the hall and it should be the first door on your left." "Thanks." I replied back to her. I made my way down the hall and entered the guest bedroom. It was painted a light orange. Sunset orange I called it. It was big . It had a queen sized bed with white and silver silk comfiter. I layed my lugage on the bed and I began to unpack. I opened the black luggage that contained my clothes.

    I began filling my folded clothes into my dresser. I organized by color and type. Black leggings seperated from denim skinny jeans. Pink shirts seporated from white blouses. Once I was done with that I began unpacking my make-up. I love Sephora. My favorite make-up iteam is my watermelon chubby stick by clinique. Its like a chpstick and a lip tint. i have six palets of different shades of eyeshadow, three eyeliners, two bottles of concealer, and two tubes of mascara.

       I organized my make up bag and I layed it on a shelf on the wall. I din't feel like un packing the rest so I zipped up my luggage and slid it under my bed. I layed there for a while. As I tried to put togetherther my life's puzzle pieces. The thing about life is that nothing is simple. You always have those questions aboout life and its not so easy finding the answers. I layed there as my thoughts gathered in my head. I went through my life started from my first memory to the time of the airport. Who he was remained a mystery. Also the fact that I gave him my number. I got more last in my thoughts until I head a noise.It was my stomach. I was hungry. I wouldn't say starving because starving is those poor kids in Africa.

       I got up and walked down the hall into the kitchen. The counters had darkwood with black granite on it and the cabinets also had dark wood. I opened the fridge. There were some cold cuts such as turkey and ham. There was a roll of bread, a gallon of milk, orasnge juice, leftovers of pasta and ect. most of it I couldn't eat because I 'm a vegetarian. I grabed the bowl of pasta and placed it on the counter. I heated it up and began to eat it. I was so hungry. Now if only airplanes could serve better food...


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