I was at the airport when I saw him. I was going to attend my flight when cameras started flashing, people started screaming, and fans started crowding around him. I wanted to stop it but I couldn't. Who was he? Why are they so obsessed?This went on for a while as I got more and more lost in my thoughts. What did they want? Once when the crowd was gone I saw him crying and limping. I felt so bad for him. So I went up to him. He was beautiful. Blond hair, blue eyes.


2. Familiar Voices

I just made my flight. I was going to England to stay with my aunt for a few weeks. I was very excited. since I was a little girl I have always wanted to go to England. I have met my Aunt Clarise before but she usually came to the states and stayed at my house for a few weeks. The flight was actually shorter that I,d imagined. But only because I fell asleep for a  couple of hours. I was starving but I refused to eat the airplane food. I could wait till I was at my Aunt's house to eat. I looked out the window and we were flying right above the beutiful city of London. Once we arrived I gathered my things and stuffed it into my bag. It was my favorite silver Kathy Van Zealand bag. I got my luggage and exited the airport. Now all I have to do is find my Aunt Clarise. I was tall for my age of 18 so this shouldn't be that hard... should it? There was tons of people but I managed to fing my Aunt and I walked up to her. "Hello there. Wow Alexis you have really grown since the last time I've seen you." She reached for my luggage. Only my aunt clarise calles me Alexis everyone else calls me Lexie. "I only appear to be so tall now because the last time you've seen me was about a year ago." I responded. "So where's Howard.?" My aunt married Howard last July. He was nice and hade a great sense of humor. He turned everything into a joke. whenever I am around him I laugh so hard its almost unhealthy. "Oh he's gonna be working late today butu tomarrow hes gonna be around all day." Howard was also a baker and he made the best red velvet cakes. We entered the parking lot. I opened the truck of my Aunt's silver BMW. Her house was about a half hour drive. I opened the window all the way and rested my head  on the seat. I looked out at the beautiful scenery. I heard an familier voice on the radio. "Aunt Clarise can you turn up the volume?" I asked polietly. "I don't know can I?" she answered. "Yes." I said. I turned the knob a bit and raised the volume. I listened closely as the familier voice rang through the speakers. "but you dont notice at all, that I'm goin out of my mind all day and all night." the speaker sang. My Aunt Clarise started humming to the song. "who sings this?" I asked. "this new boy band called One Direction." She responded. hmm.. where have I heard that before?...

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