I was at the airport when I saw him. I was going to attend my flight when cameras started flashing, people started screaming, and fans started crowding around him. I wanted to stop it but I couldn't. Who was he? Why are they so obsessed?This went on for a while as I got more and more lost in my thoughts. What did they want? Once when the crowd was gone I saw him crying and limping. I felt so bad for him. So I went up to him. He was beautiful. Blond hair, blue eyes.


1. Airport

I watched as they surrounded him. He was beutiful. His blonde hair and his crystle blue eyes.I watched as each and every fan surounded him screaming. He didn't deserve this. Why are they so obsessed? they have nothing better to do than this?! It took a while before security came and cleared everyone out. After that everyone else just carried on their  regular life pretending that nothing happened.I watched as he continued walking-actually he waslimping. A tear slowly made its way down his cheek followed by another one. I felt pity. I didn't realize thatI was actually walking to him making my way to him. He was beautiful. He had crystle blue eyes and blonde hair. I came up to him."are you alright?" I asked sincerely.I noticed he had an irish accent when he responded."No not really but thank you for asking." A tear fell down his cheek again.I looked through my purse for a napkin or a tissue. I found a dunkin Dougnuts napkin and puled it out. i used it to wipe away the tear from his eye."Here." I said. I handed him the napkin. "Thanks." he said in his irish accent. "I have to go now my flight leaves soon." I said . I turnned around and I picked up my luggage. I felt a hand kind of tug my arm. "wait." he said. I turned around and looked at him. Can I have your number?" he said. "sure." I replied. I  dont know why I gave him my number. I didn't even know him. I took out a bright yellow post it and I wrote down all seven digits. I wrote it really fast though because my plane was leaving. I gave it to him than I was liturally running to catch my flight.

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