The future in my hands (on hold)

I have the future in my hands. I can see the future. Nobody can know about this. When the queen learnt about me and my powers, she captured and threatened me to tell her what her future holds. Every two days, she asks me the same question: Am I the most beautiful of all the kingdom? If I don't tell her, I get killed. Who is the most beautiful of all ? The Queen? What if I become the most beautiful girl? I, Haydie White, is the only hope for the kingdom that is falling apart because of the Queen. Will Harry Styles be able to help me even if the queen force him to marry her? Am I going to be free and save the kingdom?

A snow white, one direction story :)
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2. Ravenna

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"Haydie, I want you to meet your new mother. " My father said

I looked at this new woman that was going to be my new mother. I had to say, she was beautiful. She had a delicate face big shinny grey eyes, blond hair that was un a perfect bun. She was dressed like a very rich woman. She had a big long black dress and lots of jewelry. But I just can't believe he did this to me! He goes for two day and I have no news of him and he comes back with this... This woman. 

" What the hell! " I answered

Just when I said that phrase the woman was shocked. She looked mad but was trying to hide it.

" Haydie how could you said that! You don't even know her! "

" Well I don't need and want a new mother. No offence. " I said looking at her.

" Well I don't want to replace your mother, honey, I just want to help you and the kingdom" She said forcing a smile. " Please let me introduce myself. My name is Ravenna. Your father saved me from the Dark Army. I was captured by them. That is where he was for the two days you were here... alone.  Now I am so glad to be here. I always wanted a... a daughter like you..." She said agin forcing a smile. She leaned to kiss my father and smiled at me again.

I got up and went in my bathroom without saying anything more to them. I took my bath and went strait to bed. I was really tiered! 

" She will be nicer to you when we will be married. I promise... " I heard my father said in a low voice.

" I sure hope so..." Ravenna responded. 


The next day:

I woke up and went to take a bath. The hot water felt good on my skin. I brushed my hair and put on a dress. I went in the kitchen to asked to for some food. A lady gave me some tots and milk. I ate my breakfast and thought about that Ravenna girl. My dad mention that they would get married soon. I left my dirty dishes on the table and went to see my father. 

While walking I saw people from the castle happier that usual. Why? Because my father was happier now that he replaced my mom? Ya! I got in the throne room and saw Ravenna. 

" Hey sweet heart! Ready for tomorrow? "She said with her same smile.

" What's tomorrow?" I asked to her

" The wedding! I asked you father to put it closer so we cloud be closer to each-other sooner! I can't wait to... Oh.. Sorry, yes the wedding is tomorrow. "

She looked weird. She had this possessed look in her eyes. I didn't like her and I won't like her after my father and that woman get married! My father is wrong.

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