The future in my hands (on hold)

I have the future in my hands. I can see the future. Nobody can know about this. When the queen learnt about me and my powers, she captured and threatened me to tell her what her future holds. Every two days, she asks me the same question: Am I the most beautiful of all the kingdom? If I don't tell her, I get killed. Who is the most beautiful of all ? The Queen? What if I become the most beautiful girl? I, Haydie White, is the only hope for the kingdom that is falling apart because of the Queen. Will Harry Styles be able to help me even if the queen force him to marry her? Am I going to be free and save the kingdom?

A snow white, one direction story :)
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1. How it started...

Haydie White's P.O.V :

I have something different. I can see the future. I am different from the other. I have this gift that I could use to help people. But I can't use it... I'm in danger... 

Flashback, 2 years before (Haydie' P.O.V) :

I woke up in my comfortable bed in my big room. My room nicely decorate, all the money put in this, everything was perfect. The sun was up in the sky, it was a lovely day. I was happy and excited. Today, my father and I were going to visit the kingdom. How the kingdom was going: good or bad, to help them. To be present in our people's life and to go buy some stuff for us. If there were problems my dad would try to fix them.

The kingdom's people were happy and all had a great job and a nice life . My father was the king and he was governing the kingdom very well. There was no problem like starvation, poverty and droughts. My mother was the queen and she was also happy and well educated. I was very close to her. She taught me everything I know, well almost. She is the best mother ever! I had no sisters and no brother, but I'm happy.

I was born whit a gift. But my parents wouldn't tell me the gift. I always have been adventurous and curious. All the kingdom think that I am the prettiest girl in the entire kingdom. I had long wavy black hair and white skin. I looked pretty in expensive clothes and  I am lucky to have all these maids at my service but this wasn't the thing that made me pretty, it was my sense of generosity and honesty. I was nice with people and I wanted to help for my people. I liked kids, I liked playing with them. They bring me joy. I also liked to sing, it's important for my education. I have all kind of classes to help me perfect my education. I liked them all! I think it great to have the opportunity to have all of this. So I enjoy all of them and i do all of my homework to help myself improve. 

As I thought of ringing the bell to have my breakfast, someone nocked on the door. 

*Nock nock*  

" Yes, come in. " I said with a sweet voice.

A maid dressed in there usual uniform came in with my breakfast on a tray. She came beside me and gave me the tray. She bowed and said to me: 

" Your father wants to see you princess. The king is in is room you may join him after your breakfast, kings's orders. " She said bowing again.

She left me alone in my huge decorated room. I ate my breakfast and got out of my bed. I walked towards my closet. I took my most beautiful dress and put make-up on. I walked to my parents's room. I nocked on the door and entered. I saw my mother in the bed with doctors beside her. I ran beside her and father was there. He took my hand and looked in my eyes.

" Honey, your mother is not feeling good but she will be feeling better soon... Haydie, I know we were supposed to go to the village today but..."

" It's ok daddy, I understand. " I said 

I kissed my mother's and father's cheek and went in the palace's big garden. I cried all afternoon on a bench. Thinking about my mother and how I would live if she would go.

My mother died 1 month after this sad day. All the kingdom was sad. But my father and I were the saddest. My father wasn't talking at all. He wasn't the same man anymore...

2 years later :

Big noises woke me up this morning. I looked out from my window to see what was happening. I saw my father in his chair looking at this scene. My father was preparing the army to fight. Big weapons were all over the floor. People were in line getting there outfit. I war was going to happen. All the kingdom was freaking out.

I put on clothes and went downstairs. I ran over to my father. 

" Father! Father! What's happening here? "

" Honey please go back to your room and stay there, please. "

Those were the last words my father said to me before I saw him again. I stayed in my room for 2 days without eating. I was worried for my father. I kept walking in circles thinking about dad. I don't want to loose him. Maids were coming bringing me stuff. I won't listen to them or take what they would offer to me. 

2 days after:

About 2 hours of sleep. I woke up and Father was beside me. 

" Father! " I screamed.

" Haydie, I want you to met you new mother. "


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