Chapter 1 The surprise

Hollywood Heights


5. Trouble At The Durans


Chapter 5 Trouble at the Duran’s

Loren and Eddie were in bed cuddling when Eddie started to kiss Loren’s neck.

Loren- E-Eddie

Eddie- Hmm

Loren- S-stopp

Eddie- Why

Loren- Because I’m exhausted

Eddie-“ I can give you an energy boost” Eddie said still kissing Loren’s neck.

Loren- Eddie I’m serious.

Eddie- Come on

Loren- No Eddie Ugh

Eddie- You know what your being childish whatever goodnight

Loren- What did you say?

Eddie- ……………….

Loren- Come on Eddie you said it once you can say it again.

Eddie- “I’m sorry I was being a jerk” Eddie said wrapping his arm around Loren’s waist

Loren – “Don’t touch me” Loren said angrily removing Eddie’s hand.

Eddie- Babe I’m sorry

Loren- “Leave me alone” Loren said while throwing a pillow at Eddie.

Eddie- Fine I’m going to Ian’s and Melissa house.

Loren- Why

Eddie- “You said you wanted me to leave you alone.” Eddie said while getting up grabbing his phone and walking out the door.

Loren cried herself to sleep. She couldn’t get over how mean Eddie was to her. He had never pressured her like that. She just couldn’t believe him at all.


At Melissa and Ian’s house.

Ian- When am I going to see that surprise of yours?

Mel- In a sec stay in here okay.

Ian- Sure thing babe

Mel went into the bedroom and put on a black and white polka dot lingerie bra and panties. She quickly walked into the living room where Ian was.

Ian- Wow you’re so sexy!

Mel just giggled and pulled Ian in for a long passionate kiss. They slowly moved into the bedroom. Ian started to take off Melissa bra when there was a loud knock on the door.

Ian- Ugh who is that?

Mel- “I don’t know let’s see.” Mel said as she put on her pink and white stripped robe.

Ian- “Fine” Ian said walking to the door and opening it.

Eddie- Hey Ian

Ian- Hey Mate! I’m kind of busy with the fiancé.

Eddie- I’m sorry but I really need to talk to my best friend.

Mel- Um it’s okay you guys talk and um Ian I will be waiting in the bedroom.

Ian- Eddie this better be serious or you owe me big time.

Eddie- Trust me it is.

Eddie tells Ian what he did. Mel over hears their conversation and is furious at Eddie for pressuring Loren. Especially when she’s pregnant! Mel walks out of the bedroom and stares at Eddie like she wanted to kill him. Eddie noticed that Mel was mad and she knew what had happened.

Mel- I can’t believe you did that you jerk.

Eddie- I know I’m sorry I love Loren and I should have respected her wishes.

Mel- Whatever I’m not the one you owe an apology.

Eddie- I know I got to go bye guys.

Ian and Mel- Bye.

Eddie got back home and saw that Loren had been crying. He got in bed with her and kissed her softly. Not knowing he had woke her up. He put his arm around her waist and moved up close to her. Loren accidently let out a loud sigh and Eddie knew she was up now.

Eddie- Loren babe

Loren- What

Eddie was expecting her to respond.

Eddie- I’m sorry I never meant to pressure you into making love with me. I understand if you’re still mad. I just need you to know I love you.

Loren quickly turned around and pulled Eddie in for a kiss.

Loren – I love you two!

Eddie and Loren spent the rest of their night cuddling until they fell asleep.

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