Chapter 1 The surprise

Hollywood Heights


2. The Unexpected


CHAPTER 2 The Unexpected

Loren woke up with Eddies arms wrapped around her waist and him snoring loudly. When Loren woke up she start to feel a little light headed so she decided to get out of bed and get some water and an aspirin. When she got out of bed she started to feel really sick like she had to throw up she ran into the bathroom and slammed the door and threw up. In that very moment she started to have all kinds of thoughts running threw her head. “What if I’m pregnant I wonder would Eddie abandon me just like my dad I mean Trent!” Just When Loren finished her thought she heard Eddie waking up. She slowly opened the door to see Eddie smiling at her. As soon as he saw Loren’s face he knew something was wrong.

Eddie- Good morning beautiful! What’s wrong you look like you seen a ghost.

Loren- Good morning handsome and I don’t feel so well I think I need to lie back down for a while.

Eddie- Okay sure babe, you rest while I get in the shower okay.

Loren- “Kay” Loren says as she half smiles.

Eddie- I love you by the way beautiful!
Loren- I love you too handsome

After Eddie got out the shower he brushed his teeth, got dressed and left to pick up the breakfast for him and Loren the love of his life. When he got back he noticed Loren was dressed and talking to Mel on the couch. They both had worried expressions on their faces. They hadn’t realized he had come in so they continued to talk. Eddie was just about to say something until he heard something in their conversation that caught his attention so instead he listened making sure they didn’t know he was back yet.

Mel- Loren calm down okay I’m pretty sure if you are that eddies not the type to just up and leave you.

Loren- I don’t know Mel I think he’s going to freak out when I tell him.

Mel- Loren you don’t even really know for sure okay we have to get a doctors statement okay.

Loren- Kay but I’m really worried the doctors going to say I’m pregnant!

When Loren and Mel finished their conversation Eddie didn’t know what to do. He finally decided that he had to walk in acting like he didn’t know a thing to test Loren and see if she’s like Chloe the type that would just lie to him.

Eddie- Hey babe I’m back I got breakfast and hey Mel you can join if you want.

Loren –Hey babe she said with nervousness and her voice.

Mel- Hey Mr. Duran and I actually have to get going because Loren has to talk to you. Bye Mr. and Mrs. Duran.

Loren and Eddie- By Mel!

Eddie- So what do you have to talk to me about?

Loren- What do you mean?

Eddie – Mel just said you have to talk to me about something.

Loren- Oh yeah that it’s nothing.

Eddie- Come on Lo you’re going to be my wife soon you can tell me anything.

Loren- Kay I think you might want to sit down.

Eddie sat down.

Loren- I-I-I

Eddie- You what?

Loren- I-I’m preg-pregnant.

Eddie- Wow I wasn’t expecting you to say that.

Loren- I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant. But it happened so you can leave me if you want I understand.

Eddie grabbed lorens hand and pulled her onto his lap.

Eddie- I would never leave my wife and child okay.

Loren - I Love you!

Eddie- Back at ya beautiful!

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