Chapter 1 The surprise

Hollywood Heights


3. The doctor's appointment



Chapter 3 The Doctor’s Appointment

Eddie and Loren were sitting on the bed thinking about how different their lives were going to be if Loren was really pregnant. Eddie started to kiss Loren’s neck to calm her down a little. But you never would have expected her reaction.

Loren- “Eddie are freaking kidding me right now I think I’m pregnant and you’re kissing my neck!” She said angrily.

Eddie- “Well I’m sorry for trying to calm my fiancé down okay” he said angrily back.

Loren- You know what I don’t have time for this I have to go to the doctor office!

Eddie- Fine I’m coming with you.

Loren- You don’t have to go with me.

Eddie- Loren honey I want to.

Loren and Eddie gets in Eddie’s car and drive to the doctor’s office. When they arrive their Eddie gets out his car and opens the car door for Loren. Loren gets out and he grabs her hand for comfort. They walk in the office and go to the front desk.

Lady- Hello how may I help you?

Eddie – Hello and we are here to find out if my fiancé is pregnant.

Loren smiles awkwardly.

Lady- Okay well you can take a seat and a doctor will be out in about fifth teen minutes.

Loren and Eddie- Thanks so much.

This was the longest fifth teen minutes of Eddies and Loren’s life. They needed to find out the truth, but they were also kind of afraid of the truth. If they were parents they both knew that they would try their best to be great parents. They could take the heat. Soon enough fifth teen minutes past and the doctor came out and showed them to the room.

Doctor- Hello I’m Dr.Williams

Eddie- Hello I’m Eddie and this is Loren

Loren- Hello

Doctor – Well okay let’s get started.

Eddie- Lets go.

The doctor hands Loren an ugly hospital gown and tells her she can change into it in the bathroom and come lay back down. After about five minutes Loren came back and lay on the bed. She didn’t know what to think, and little did she know Eddie didn’t either.

Doctor- Alright so Loren I’m going to put this jells on your belly so we can see if there’s a little baby inside your stomach on the monitor. Okay?

Loren- Sure lets go.

The doctor put jells on Loren’s stomach and got an instrument and rubbed around Loren’s belly with it.

Doctor- Well Loren, Eddie congratulations. You are going to be parents.

Loren and Eddie - Thanks a lot.

Loren- So what do we do know?
Doctor- Well you should start taking prenatal pills and read this. She said as she handed Loren some pill and a parenting book.

Loren- Okay is that all?

Doctor- Um I think so you have to come here every month for checkups though okay and remember stay stressed free and eat healthy.

Eddie- Trust me I’m going to take care of her doctor.

Doctor- Good to know well bye you guys see you soon.

Loren and Eddie- Bye!

Loren and Eddie leave the office and head home. They actually were excited about being parents and engaged. It was just one thing left to do tell everyone the news. How would Max and Nora take it? Don’t even forget about Jake and Kelly and Mel and Ian. Soon enough the whole world would know and Loren and Eddie wanted to make sure their friends and family were first to know.

Eddie- So do you want to go out to dinner with Pops, Nora, Mel, Ian, Jake, and, Kelly so we can tell them our news?

Loren- Yeah sounds like a plan let’s call them and tell them to meet us at rumor at 9 for dinner okay?

Eddie- Sure Mrs. Duran

Loren just smiled.

When they arrived home they got dressed and called everyone to meet them at Rumor. Everyone was excited and a little nervous on what they had to tell them. But Loren was so nervous that they would all be angry. What’s going to happen???




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