Chapter 1 The surprise

Hollywood Heights


4. The Dinner


Chapter 4 “The Dinner”

Loren and Eddie had just arrived at rumor and saw Melissa and Ian in a deep passionate kiss. They were so happy everyone had found love. They walked over to the table and sat down. Loren sat by Mel and Eddie sat on the other side of Loren. Mel and Ian were so into their kiss they didn’t hear them sit down.

Eddie- Hmmm

Mel and Ian- “Oh hey you guys” they said as they hugged one another.

Loren and Eddie- Hey love birds!

Mel- “Were not the only love birds here” she said as she pointed to Kelly and Jake holding hands, smiling and walking over to the table.

Eddie- “Yeah I can see” Eddie said laughing uncontrollably.
Jake and Kelly – Hey guys!

Ian and Mel- Hey

Loren and Eddie- Hi there

Jake- So where is Nora and Papa Max?

Loren- Um not sure, oh wait here they come

Everyone gets up and hugs each other and then sit back down. Soon enough the waiter comes over and takes everyone orders. Mel and Loren got Shrimp. Eddie, Nora and Max got Steak and Potatoes and Kelly, Jake, and Ian got Pasta. Once the waiter left everyone got into a deep conversation for a while. But now it was time to tell everyone the news.

Nora- So what did you guys want to tell us about?

Loren quickly looked around the table and saw all eyes were on her and Eddie.

Eddie- Well …… Um

Loren- Were Engaged!!!

Nora and Max– Oh that’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you guys.

Eddie and Loren – Thanks so much were glad you’re happy about it.

Kelly and Jake- Wow

Eddie- You’re not excited for us?

Kelly- We happy for you it’s just we don’t know if it’s right for your career right now.

Loren- Trust me we can handle it okay.

Jake- Okay well we are happy for you guys!

Mel and Ian – Congratulations lovebirds we actually have some news of our own too.

Loren -Thanks and what’s your news?

Mel- “Well were engaged too” Mel said as she lifted up her left hand.

Loren- Congrads you guys we should have a double wedding.

Mel- Right!
Max- Make that triple!
Loren and Eddie- What??

Nora- Max proposed!

Loren and Mel- Were so happy for you guys

Eddie got up and hugged Max. Then sat back down at the table. They still had to tell them Loren was pregnant.

Loren- We have some more news.

Ian- What is it mate?

Eddie- Loren’s ……pregnant!

Nora and Max- Yay were going to be grandparents!
Mel- I’m going to be an aunt!

Loren- I’m glad you guys are so happy about it.

Ian- You guys are going to be great parents by the way.

Eddie- Thanks.

Ian – Welcome.

Jake- I’m happy for all of you guys.

Kelly- Me too.

Everyone: Thanks.


Everyone finished their meals, said their goodbyes and headed home. Loren was exhausted and all Eddie wanted to do was cuddle with his soon to be wife. Mel and Ian were eager to get home because Mel told Ian before they went to Rumor she had a surprise for him if he was good. Nora and Max went home and talked about being grandparents. Jake and Kelly went to their new house and lied in the bed talking about the night they just had.


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