Chapter 1 The surprise

Hollywood Heights


9. Chapter 9 The News



Eddie had just arrived at Ian and Mel’s house. To his surprise Loren was just about to head out, not to mention it was 12:45 at night. He wondered were Loren was headed.


Eddie- Loren?
Loren- Ugh what are you doing here?

Eddie- I came to apologize

Loren- I don’t want to hear it!
Eddie- Loren please I’m sorry I was being a complete ass.

Loren- Fine whatever I forgive you. Just don’t call me stupid ever again it really hurt me

Eddie- I know babe I wasn’t thinking it just freaked me out that you didn’t tell Cam about us.

Loren- I’m sorry babe but I was actually on my way to Cam’s house to tell him.

Eddie- OH

Loren- Yeah, are you okay with that?

Eddie- I would prefer you do it over phone

Loren- okay lets go home we have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Eddie- Okay well how come you didn’t tell me?
Loren- I was a little distracted!
Eddie- Oh right!

Eddie and Loren said goodbye to Ian and Melissa and drove home. When they got home they got changed and cuddled in bed until Loren fell asleep. Eddie couldn’t sleep so he decided to go play the piano until he got sleepy. About thirty minutes later Eddie went to lay back down and bed and was soon fast asleep.

———————————————————————————————————Jake had just arrived at Traci House. He knocked on the door until Traci opened it with a surprised look on her face. She didn’t know why Jake was there.


Traci- JAKE what are you doing here?

Jake- I really needed to be with you.

Traci- What about K…


Before Traci could finish her sentence Jake had kissed her. They hadn’t felt that much passion with each other in a long time. They kissed all the way to the bedroom never breaking the passion filled kiss. They made love until they heard the doorbell ring. As much as they wanted to ignore it they couldn’t it kept ringing and ringing. Jake got up and put a robe on to answer the door and Traci followed. When they answered the door they saw the one person in the world they didn’t want to see.

Kelly- Jake what the hell! What are you doing here in a robe?

Jake- I’m sorry Kelly but it’s over I never should of left Traci.

With that Jake slammed the door in Kelly’s face and him and Traci went back to making love until they fell asleep. Kelly couldn’t believe what had happened she knew that she would get Jake back if it was the last thing she did.

The next morning at Tyler’s house

He woke up to a knock at the door he wondered who it could be. Tyler opened the door and saw Chloe the devil on Earth.

Tyler- What the hell do you want Chloe

Chloe- I just came to see if you were going to help me get Eddie back?

Tyler- I made it clear yesterday that I was not going to help you okay Eddie doesn’t want you he is in love with the kid Loren.

Chloe- Ugh how could you say that Tyler that teeny bopper doesn’t even knows what love is.

Tyler- Neither do you Chloe

Tyler closed the door in Chloe face and locked it. He was tired with Chloe’s games. Chloe finally realized that and went home. She realized she had no one left. She burned all her bridges.

———————————————————————————————————At Adriana and Phil’s House

Phil had got up early and cooked for Adriana. Adriana woke up to a delicious smell downstairs. She walked down stairs to see Phil about to walk upstairs with food for the two of them.

Phil- Hey sweetheart!

Adriana- Hey what’s this?
Phil- I was planning on making you breakfast in bed but you are already down here.

Adriana- Oh sorry.

Phil – “It’s okay” with that Phil put down the food on the table and picked up Adriana and ran upstairs with her. He placed her on the bed and said “you’re having breakfast in bed my queen” Adriana just laughed at how sweet Phil was being. Phil went downstairs and brought the food back to Adrianna. They both ate and talked for a while. After that they got in the shower and got dressed. They planned on just staying in the house and cuddling all day long.

———————————————————————————————————At Mel and Ian’s house

Mel had just woke up and decided to get in the shower early. She wanted to smell good for when Ian woke up. When Ian woke up he noticed Mel wasn’t in the bed. He heard the shower running and decided to go surprise Mel by sneaking in shower with her. He opened the bathroom door and got in the shower. He wrapped his arm around Mel which kind of scared her. She screamed really loud.

Ian- Babe it’s me

Mel- Oh my gosh Ian you scared me to death

Ian- I’m sorry

They laughed they made out in the shower for about thirty minutes. They washed up and got out. They put their clothes on and then brushed their teeth. After that they got hungry so they went out for breakfast.

———————————————————————————————————Max and Nora’s house

They both woke up at the same time and went to brush their teeth together. Once they brushed their teeth. Nora decided to make breakfast for Max. Max loved Nora cooking as much as he loved Katie’s cooking. After the food was done they ate and made out for a little while.

Nora- Hey I need to shower back in a little while.

Max- Please hurry back beautiful

Nora- Promise.

Nora took a shower and got dressed after she got dressed Max decided to take a shower and get dressed two. After they were both dressed they went to downstairs to open up Mk.

Eddie had woken up first and brushed his teeth and showered. Then he got dressed and chose to pick out Loren a really sexy outfit. He placed it on the bed and went downstairs to cook some pancakes for both of them. When Eddie finished the pancakes he woke Loren up and brought her downstairs. They ate their pancakes in thirty minutes and then remember they had two hours before the doctor’s appointment. Loren ran upstairs and hopped in the shower. When she got out she saw the outfit Eddie picked out and put it on. She walked downstairs to find Eddie holding the keys.

Eddie- Wow you look …..

Loren- Hot

Eddie- Yeah hotter than I thought you would look in that.

Loren- Thanks

Eddie- Welcome and we really have to get going.

Loren- Okay

They left and headed to the Doctor’s office.

At the office

Loren and Eddie checked in and were waiting for the doctor to come and get them. When the doctor finally came Eddie and Loren followed the doctor back in to an empty room.

Doctor- Hello Loren, Eddie

Loren- Hello.

Eddie- Hi so um what was the point of this doctor’s appointment?
Doctor- Well we found out some news right after you guys left the other day.

Loren- “scared” Which was

Doctor- Calm down it’s nothing bad we just found out that you were farther along than we thought.

Eddie- How much farther?

Doctor- Well she is about 5 months

Loren- Oh well that’s why my belly feels so big.

Doctor- Yeah so you have about three more months before you two become mommy and daddy I think you should get ready soon.

Eddie- Well thanks doc.

Doctor- Your welcome and by the way the baby gender is a girl!

Loren- Oh my goodness really!

Doctor- Yes.

Loren and Eddie hugged each other and kissed. They were so excited about their little girl. They left the doctor’s office and decided they needed to tell everyone their news. They called Melissa and Ian and told them they had some exciting news and that they are having a gathering at Rumor tonight to tell everyone. They called Max and Nora and Phil and Adriana next and told them the same thing. Lastly they called Jake and told him. Jake told them that he had dumped and fired Kelly. He told them the whole story and asked if he could bring Traci. Loren and Eddie said yes and hung up.

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