Chapter 1 The surprise

Hollywood Heights


11. chapter 11 New House



Loren and Eddie both woke up around 6 a.m. to get ready to go shopping and house hunting.

Loren- Good Morning Babe

Eddie- Good Morning Mrs.Duran to be!

Loren-“laughing” I’m hungry lets go eat!

Eddie-After you

Loren and Eddie walked down stairs and both cooked breakfast together. When it was done they took turns feeding each other and they kissed in between bites. At 6:45 they went upstairs and took a long hot shower together. Then they got dressed fast. Loren put on a pink and black striped shirt and some black skinny jeans with pink heels to match. Eddie put on a black polo shirt and some pants to match. When they were done getting dressed Eddie picked up the keys and grabbed Loren’s hand.

Eddie- You ready to go?

Loren- Yep

Eddie- Great me two

Eddie and Loren left the penthouse and where on their way to the mall. When they got to the mall Eddie and Loren went into Children’s place and found some really cute clothes. They bought a black and pink tutu with a pink shirt to match. The second outfit they bought was really cute it was a purple and pink dress that said daddy’s girl that Loren had picked out. They bought five more outfits and then left. They were planning on coming back later after they went house hunting. Two hours later they had arrived back at the pent house and were so excited that they found a house that they were going to buy. It was in a really good neighborhood and it had 5 bedrooms. One would be for a guest room and one for a nursery and then it would be their bedroom. The other two rooms were for if they ever had any more kids. The house had a big yard and a swimming pool in the back yard. Eddie and Loren decided to pack their things up today so they would be settled in their new house way before the baby came.

Loren- Babe can you call Melissa and Ian and tell them that we found a house while I go start packing?

Eddie- Sure

Loren went upstairs and started packing while Eddie called Melissa and Ian.

Eddie and Mel’s phone call

Eddie- Hey Mel!
Mel- Hey Eddie

Eddie- So Um Loren wanted me to call you guys and tell you that we found a house and were starting to pack today so we can move in really soon.

Mel- Wow congratulations I have a secret to tell you that you can’t tell Loren though!
Eddie- Thanks and what is it?
Mel- Well I called Nora, Max, and Adriana and we are planning a baby shower for Loren in two days we really need help planning it.

Eddie- Really that’s so sweet and I have an idea.

Mel- What is it?
Eddie- If me and Loren and move into the house tomorrow then we can have the surprise baby shower at the new house and when me and Loren walk in everyone can yell surprise.

Mel- I like that idea but I have to go because I need to call everyone and tell them the plan for the baby shower.

Eddie- Okay thanks and later I will text you the address so you guys know where to go.

Mel- Okay so you and Loren are going to get everything unpacked in your house before the baby shower right?

Eddie- Yeah and then you guys can hang up the decorations and I will help buy stuff!
Mel- Okay well talk to you later Eddie!

Eddie- Bye

Eddie and Mel got off the phone and he went upstairs to Loren and helped her pack. After three hours everything was packed and they called movers to take their stuff to their new house. When the movers got everything to their new house Eddie and Loren unpacked everything and were so relieved that everything was unpacked. They loved their new house so much they decided to go to sleep in their bedroom for the first time.

Mel and Ian house

Mel and Ian had called Adriana, Phil, Nora, Max, Jake, and Traci over to talk about Loren’s surprise baby shower. Everyone was so excited. Mel was the person in charge of the decorations and Adriana was in charge of getting all the snacks and food. Nora was in charge of getting all the games together. The guys were just helping put the decorations up and buy gifts like everyone else. Everyone all left Melissa and Ian’s house together and all headed to the store to buy the things they needed for Loren and Eddie’s baby shower. At the store they bought pink decorations that said “It’s a Girl” and they bought balloons and banners to hang up. Adriana bought chips, candy, fruit, ice cream and a cake that said congratulations Loren and Eddie on it. They also bought a lot of clothes and pacifiers and bibs for the baby. When they were done buying things they all took their own purchases and went home. They weren’t even half done shopping for the baby shower they still had to get diapers, a diaper bag, wipes, bottles, and milk. Of course Eddie and Loren were going to buy some of these things their self but everyone wanted to do as much as they could for them.

The Next Morning

Eddie and Loren woke up and their new house and took their first shower together in the new house. After they showered they decided to go out to breakfast. Loren was really craving pancakes. After they ate they went back home and cuddled for a while. Eddie had to figure out a way to distract Loren so he could go shopping for the surprise baby shower.

Eddie- Loren hey do you want to go take a little nap I’m kind of tired

Loren- Sure babe the baby needs her rest anyway

Eddie- Good

Loren and Eddie went upstairs and Eddie waited for Loren to fall asleep. When she did Eddie got out of the bed a left. Before he left he wrote a note that said he went out to hang out with Ian for a while <3. Eddie went over to Melissa and Ian’s house and they all went to the store with him to buy some things. They bought a pink crib and a pink car seat. Then they bought a pink and white stroller and left. Eddie couldn’t take the things home because Loren would see them so Melissa and Ian agreed to keep them until the baby shower tomorrow. Eddie left Melissa and Ian’s house and went home to find Loren awoke reading the note.

Eddie- Hey babe

Loren- Hey I just saw your note

Eddie- Well I’m glad you just woke up so you wouldn’t have to be alone.

Loren- Me two so what did you and Ian do while you hung out?

Eddie- We just hung out and played video games at Mel and Ian’s house.

Loren- Oh ok

Loren and Eddie talked all night until they fell asleep. Eddie was excited about tomorrow if only Loren knew.

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