Chapter 1 The surprise

Hollywood Heights


10. chapte 10


Everyone had arrived at Rumor a little while ago. They were all eating and laughing. Eddie and Loren were excited to tell everyone their news. They both looked at each other and smiled to signal to each other they were ready to tell everyone.

Loren- Okay so guys Eddie and I found out some news today that we would like to share.

Ian- Which was?

Eddie- Well we went to the doctor today and we found out that Loren is farther along than we thought.

Melissa- How farther?
Nora- Yeah how farther along?
Loren- Well I’m five months that’s why my stomach is so big now.

Traci- Oh My really Loren I’m so happy for you two.

Adriana- You guys are going to be wonderful parents!

Eddie and Loren- Thanks you two

Eddie- It’s one more thing.

Jake- Which is?

Loren- We found out it’s a girl!
Melissa- I’m going to have a niece yay.

Loren- I know I really wanted a girl

Nora- Well that’s great you guys but don’t you think you should start getting a nursery together and go shopping for the things you’re going to need?

Loren- um yeah I guess we should do that tomorrow

Eddie- Yeah let’s go tomorrow.

Loren- Okay

Nora- Well that’s good to know.

Loren- Yeah guys I’m really sleepy so I think we should head home now.

Max- sounds good to me.

Ian- Me too


Everyone left Rumor and headed home.

Jake and Traci’s house

Jake and Traci got in bed and enjoyed each other’s company. They were just so happy that they were back together. They thought that Kelly was out of the picture but little did they know she was outside their bedroom window watching them sleep. She was planning her revenge on Traci.

At Melissa and Ian’s house

Ian and Melissa were lying in bed thinking about how they were engaged and were having a triple wedding. When Ian thought about how he didn’t want to wait any longer he wanted to marry Melissa right this second.

Ian- So Melissa when are we going to get married?

Melissa-Um I’m not sure I have to talk it over with Loren and Nora because we all agreed to have the triple wedding right?

Ian- right but when do you think they would be ready beautiful?

Melissa- Well we can start planning the wedding tomorrow after Loren and Eddie go shopping for the baby girl Nora Loren and I can meet up and discuss it. But I already know that Nora talked to Loren and she said she doesn’t want to have a wedding while she’s pregnant so.

Ian- Oh well beautiful that’s fine with me I understand but after Loren has that baby we are getting married.

Mel- Promise but one more thing

Ian- Yeah

Mel- I’m going to get together with everyone and throw a surprise baby shower for Loren.

Ian- That’s sweet

Mel- I know right.

Melissa and Ian kissed for a while and then fell asleep in each other arms.

Nora and Max house

They had just arrived home and were really tires so they raced each other to the bedroom and fell asleep together quickly.

Loren and Eddie’s house

Loren and Eddie got to the penthouse and went straight to the bedroom. They both were exhausted. Before they fell asleep Loren wanted to talk to Eddie about their living arrangements.

Loren- Eddie?

Eddie- Yes babe

Loren- I don’t think this place is big enough for a baby.

Eddie- I was thinking the same thing. Do you also want to go house hunting tomorrow.

Loren- Yes I do.

Eddie- Good anything for you

Loren- Awe I love you

Eddie- I love you to the moon and back

Loren- good to know

Loren and Eddie fell asleep really fast after their conversation. They had a big day ahead of them tomorrow. They had to get a lot done in a short amount of time.

Phil and Adriana’s house

Phil and Adriana were happy for Loren and Eddie. They wanted to have what Loren and Eddie had someday but they knew right now wasn’t the perfect time for a baby especially because Adrianna had already lost her baby almost a year ago and was a total wreck. Phil and Adriana were so tired they just decided to go to sleep on the couch because they didn’t feel like walking upstairs. Phil and Adriana cuddled on the couch until they fell fast asleep.

Tyler’s House

Tyler was in bed thinking about how Chloe ruined his life when his phone started to ring. He answered it and was shocked to her a familiar voice. It was Oz calling about the movie. Oz told him that he didn’t want Eddie anymore for the movie and that he wanted him. Tyler was so excited; they sat up a meeting for tomorrow and hung up the phone. Tyler went to bed early thinking about how his life was about to change but one funny thing was he couldn’t get an image of a special girl out his head. Who was this girl? It was the beautiful Loren Tate! But it was weird because he genuinely had a crush on her it wasn’t just because Eddie had her and he wanted to ruin his life. His old ways had left and he was a new man.

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