Girl Heart Boy : Secrets

Sarah thinks she knows Ashley and the type of girl that she is, but that all changes one night when Ashley lets her guard slip.


1. Behind the door


I couldn’t find Ash anywhere; I hadn’t seen her for over an hour. I normally wouldn’t worry, she was probably in a closet getting off with some random guy she’d just met, but this party was a little damp and all the guys were jerks. I really just wanted to go home and talk to my amazing boyfriend Joe.


‘Ash?’ I called; knocking on what I assumed was the master bedroom’s door.


It fell open, the room empty and dark.


‘Where is she?’ I mumbled to myself frustrated.


I teetered on my heels towards the last door in the corridor. She better bloody be in here. I thought; ready to leave her alone if she wasn’t.


The door fell open like the last one, but it wasn’t empty.


I had gone in expecting to see Ash in all of her party girl glory, sloshed and smooching in a compromising position and although that was what I saw, I was still taken aback.


It wasn’t Ash’s appearance that surprised me; after all I had seen her in a much worse state than this before. It was her partner that had me shocked. I normally found a decent looking guy moving against her lean body, but as I walked in my eyes flew to the girl on top of Ash, her hands running in Ash’s hair as she saw me.


I closed the door and stood beside it, sliding to the floor as I thought over what I had just seen. It wasn’t a problem, I told myself, she was still my friend and this didn’t change a thing. I mean I still loved Rich even though we all knew that he wasn’t as straight as he said he was so seeing Ash with another girl shouldn’t have been a problem. But it was.


I couldn’t quite get my head around why I found it so odd. I guess that It was because she was always on about her latest conquest and it was always a guy. The other thing I couldn’t help think about was all of the times she had slept over at my house; I mean we’d seen each other all but naked. Did that mean that she fancied me now? But I never worried about any of that with Rich or Ollie so why was I worried now.


Urgg, it was all so confusing, and what was I going to say to the guys. What was I going to say to Ash?


I was just about to go in and talk to her when she came out, her shirt ruffled and her face embarrassed but I could tell that she was still a little bit happy.


‘Hey, Sarah’ She smiled half heartedly at me as she slid down beside me.


‘Hey’ I tried to smile back but I could tell that the confusion was all over my face.


Ash sighed heavily when she saw my face ‘Look, I know it’s hard to understand, but I’ve felt this way for a while, it’s not like I’m a different person, I just like girls as well as boys. If it helps, I see it that it doesn’t matter who they are or what their sex is, it’s the way you feel about them that matters’ She explained.


‘I understand’ I told her, finally finding the smile, and I did understand. It made perfect sense and if that was the way she felt I could accept it and so could everyone else. That’s why I was so surprised when she said what she did next.


She looked at me seriously, her eyes on mine. ‘But you can’t tell the others, promise?’


‘Promise’ I agreed, not knowing what else I could do.


So now I’m stuck, I can’t tell anyone, I shouldn’t even be telling you. In fact I won’t, just in case, I’ll burn this and never write it again. I only wrote it this time because I had to tell someone. I hope Ashley has the confidence to tell the guys, but until then I hope I have the strength to keep it a secret.

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