Talia Is An Average Girl,17. Intil She Gets Kicked Out Of Her House. She Meets Harry Styles from One Direction And Her Life Instantly Change. Will Talia Fall For The Cheeky Pop Singer ??


7. Thoughts And Surprises

Talia P.O.V

I Woke up and went downstairs to make breakfest. i opened the Cabnet and got out pancake mix. I herd a noise.i turned around and heard someone crying."Idalys!!" 'Idalys Were Are You!" I Yelled but know answer. i ran upstairs and opened the door i found idalys with her knees to her forhead balling her eyes out. "Idalys Look At me Whats Wrong?" No answer. She was just sitting there balling her eyes out. I saw the bathroom door peeked open and the light on, i walked in and saw a prgnancy test on the floor. I Picked it up. I quickly dropped it back, i could believe what i saw.A positive sign. I thought of who she slept with the last few days. Then it hit me. Zayn!!!! It couldnt be! My bestfriend could not be pregnant with zayn maliks baby!!.I was tearing up. I walked out and sat with idalys, i hugged her and we cried together.

Harrys P.O.V

It has be hours and still havent herd from talia. i opened my laptap and searched her name on twitter. i finally found her, i followed her. When we slept together yesturday it was diffrent then any other girls ive slept with. i felt a connection between me and talia. I got my phone and dialled zayns number. "Hello Harry!!" "Hey Man"! "Do u and the boys wanna hang out tonight or tomorrow or something? "Yea Harry We'd Love that,Tomorrow at 2 Good?" "Um Yea,Zayn do u mind if i bring someone along with me? "Umm no problen bring whoever u want" "K thanks man bye".I Hung Up. i then and there knew who i was taking along with me..Talia.

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