Talia Is An Average Girl,17. Intil She Gets Kicked Out Of Her House. She Meets Harry Styles from One Direction And Her Life Instantly Change. Will Talia Fall For The Cheeky Pop Singer ??


1. Homeless,Broke

I was in my room on my laptap on twitter when suddenly i see my step dad come in and yell "I told u 10 times to clean op this damn room and u still disobay me". "im sorry i have been caught up in school work and my projest is due tomo- He interupts "WELL if u dont respct me then you can get out of my house! he screams! "in fact leave now! "get ur damn bags and leave"! "yes sir" i whisper i despite. i was so scared to talk back. i thought he would have hurt me. i pack my bag. I Pack old baggy tee shirts, 2 pairs of jeans,my vans, and some nice dresses. then i pack all my makeup and toiletries. on the way out he yells "and dont come back u slut". i walk out and realize i have nowere to go. I pick up my phone and call me best friend idalys. "Hello..Talia? "yea idalys my step dad kicked me out do u mind if i stay at ur house? "Yes she instantly replies. " K pick me up at my house" "K ill be there in 10 minutes" "k bye". I have known idalys since the third grade. The word to describe her is- Fangirl. Expescially over her favorite band One direction! I Wasnt a fan but i didnt want to hurt idalys's feelings. I Hear a horn, Its her. i get it and she says "hey babe". "hey idalys". "umm i know this sounds a bit weird but u want to go clubbing"? "ummm idalys im wearing sweats and a tank top. "Did u pack a dress?" "Um ya" i say quietly. "Well lets change at my house" "Um Kay i guess". we get to her house and i go to the bathroom and change. I Put on a black pushup bra that my my boobs look big. then i put on a black strapless dress that goes aaround my thigh. it was short for me but i liked it. for shoes i put on some black heels cause i was pretty short for a 17 year old. for makeup i put on some white eye shadow and black eyeliner and mascara. my hair was in a bun so i just took it down and straightened it. i walked out and idalys was wearing a blue strapless with white stilletoes. she was very short. shorter then me. "Ready" she said in exitment, "yep" i was glad to be going out and not needing my step dads approvall. i started missing my mom. last year we were walking together and she got shot. she was only 30 when it happened. she married rick (my step dad) right before. so i was stuck with him. we get in the car and walk into the club. I see allot of people and idalys instantly goes and starts dancing. i went to the couch and sit down.i looked over and i saw a guy with curly brown hair wearing a black shirt, skinnys and white converse. i look away. "hey there cutie" he said with a sexy accent. OMG i rememered that voice from the internet. It was harry styles.

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