Talia Is An Average Girl,17. Intil She Gets Kicked Out Of Her House. She Meets Harry Styles from One Direction And Her Life Instantly Change. Will Talia Fall For The Cheeky Pop Singer ??


4. Feelings

Talias P.O.V

I Woke up to the smell of pancakes.i looked over and harry wasnt there. i was still naked from last night. i got up and realized i didnt bring clothes with me. i walked down stairs with the blanket around me. "Good Morning baeutifull" he said whith passion. "good morning". he walked over and kissed me. it was weird cause i felt something.i didnt think i would fall in love with him. but i started feeling mixed emotions. "Shit!" i yelled."Yes Babe?" harry said cwith a confusing look." "oh i have to call my friend i told her i would call last night but i forgot" "excuse me harry". i ran upstairs and called Idalys. "Hello!! Talia??!!" "yea idalys im sorry things happened last night i forgot to call" i said fast. "Talia!i was so worried about you, thank god ur okay" "yea i will call u back i have to see if im gonna stay" "okay babe call me right back" she said then hung up. i heard noises in the backround when we were talking. was that a guy she hooked up with?


I went come downstairs. "hey babe i have to go home" :why babe why so early" "i have to get home to my friend" "well cant we have some fun before you leave?;)" he winked at me. i got turned on fast. " well i guess we can have some fun";)" we ran upstaires and harry said"give me that blanket naughty girl" i took it off and harry took his shirt off. i was allready naked so he didnt have to do much. i took off his pants then his unerwear, he kissed my belly and went up rubbing against me.he finally thrusted into me and i moaned lodly saying oooooo harry. he pulled out and went back in. he probably did it like 10 times. we turned over and we were sweating and out of breath. i called idalys and said for her to come and bring clothes for me. she knocked on the door and i answered and she hugged me really tight.i took the clothes went upstaires and changed. i came down and i hugged harry goodbye. she didnt see him though. i didnt want her to scream if she saw harry styles.

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