Talia Is An Average Girl,17. Intil She Gets Kicked Out Of Her House. She Meets Harry Styles from One Direction And Her Life Instantly Change. Will Talia Fall For The Cheeky Pop Singer ??


2. Emotions

"Umm hi" i say queitly "would you like to dance" he says. i get butterflies while starring into his eyes. i cant day no 'Umm sure" i made up my min that i would act hard to get. we start dancing and he puts his hand on my bum and i put him against the wall and start dancing. "U really know whst ur doing babe dont you" he says with a big smile. "dont talk just dance". we start dancing and i decided that i would be going home with him.

Harry P.O.V

She was amazing. The way her dirty blonde hair fell right past her boobs was amazing and her bum looked really nice in that dress. i decided i would be taking her home. "Babe let me take u home" he said in my ear breathing on my neck. Thats was my soft spot, It was a huge turn on when guys kissed and breather onm my ear and neck. "only if u give me what i want" she said in a sexy voice.

Talias P.O.V

I Walk over to idalys "hey ca i go home with a guy i ment". "umm sure no prblem just call me tomorrow or tonight if u come home. "kay love u" "love you too". i got in harrys car and he askes me for my name 'Umm talia , You?" "Harry babe" . we drive and finally get to his house i get out and we walk to his door. his house was HUGE!!! we went up the stairs to his room and he pushes me on the bed. he lays on me and starts kissing my neck. he goes down and pulls off my dress, i pull off his pants aswell. he starts licking me allover. and gets to my bra. he pulls it off.  he kisses my stomach.and gets to my underwear, they were white lacy. he pulls them off with his teeth. im laying there naked and he still had his underwear on. that definitly had to change fast. i pull them off and he thrust into me. i moan loudly and he does it again. he pulls out fast and it hurts but it fells amazing. he licks down there. you know wear. and i moan loudly. i remembered i was gonna play hard to get so i pull him over and i get on top. i lick his stromach. and he moans. that was a turn on big time. i get to his penis and i kiss it many times then thrust into him. he moans and i pull out.

Harrys P.O.V

She was amazing. she definitly knows what shes doing. i feel something and suddenly she is giving me a blow job. no girl has ever done that on the first time we have sex. i turn her over and stick to fingers in her and she moans my name. that was a turn on . we were both out of breath and suddenly wear laying in eack otheres arms. we fall asleep.

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