Talia Is An Average Girl,17. Intil She Gets Kicked Out Of Her House. She Meets Harry Styles from One Direction And Her Life Instantly Change. Will Talia Fall For The Cheeky Pop Singer ??


8. Date Night

Talias P.O.V

 I Was on twitter when i got a call. i picked up the phone and it was harry."Hello.Talia?" "Hey Harry" i sayd quickly. "Talia me and the boys are going out tonight like around 2ish would u and idalys like to come?". I Remembered that idalys scheduled a doctors appointment to make sure if she was really pregnant or not. "Umm i can but i dont know if idalys can yet" "Well okay call me back babe,Bye" "Bye". I went downstairs to see idalys laying on the couch. "Hey idalys harry wants to know if we can go out with him and meet the boys tonight?" "Talia im not really feeling well" "well okay its fine". I walked upstairs and checked the time it was allready 1:15. I got out a blue dress that came to about my mid thigh. I grabbed a strapless push up bra and some black lace underwear. I grabbed my blue stilletoes out of my bag aswell. I went in the bathroom and grabbed my makeup. my hair was still straight but it looked boring. i grabbed idalys's curling iron and curled it. it looked much better. i put on powder mascara eyeliner and black eyeshadow but not too much. i changed then put on lotion and perfume. By then it was 1:58. i went back on  twitter to see that harry,zayn,niall,louis,and liam followed me. i hadnt even met any of the others,only harry so i was nervouse about tonight. I Heard a nock on the door it was harry. "Hey babe" he said with a smile."Hi Harry" we walked to his car and started driving.


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