Talia Is An Average Girl,17. Intil She Gets Kicked Out Of Her House. She Meets Harry Styles from One Direction And Her Life Instantly Change. Will Talia Fall For The Cheeky Pop Singer ??


9. Crushed....Again..

We got to harrys house and knocked on the door. niall answered it. we walked in to see that all the boys were there and nialls girlfreind. harrys introduces me to everyone.Louis and eleanor were the most kind.we all decided we would watch the sinister.i hated scarry movies. There was 2 couches. eleanor danielle liam and louis sat on one and me harry zayn niall and his girfriend,kaley sat on another it was really stuffed so i sat on harrys lap. "if you get scared just turn your head to me" he whispered. i knew i was going to be doing that ALLOT tonight. We were watching the movie and i kept turning my head and harry would put his hand over me and kiss me head. The movie finally ended. we all were talking and noticed Harry and kalen were not there. I didnt worry i was just talking too everyone else. I Had too pee. i went upstairs and walked in harrys room. i couldnt believe what i saw. Harry and kalen were making out on the bed. it felt like someone grabbed my heart and oulled it out if my chest. I started crying and i ran out of the room. I could here Talia Talia wait let me explain.! I Was balling my eyes out and i just ran outside. it was happening all over again.just like in high school. i saw niall run over to me. and ask what was wrong. "i saw kalen and harry" i said stuttering while crying. he looked at me and could tell his eyes were tearing up.he sat down next to me and hugged me for a really long time. we looked ateach other and i dont know what happed we just kissed. it was really filled with thing you know his toungue was in my mouth and we were making out. we let go , i didnt want to though. i forgot all about harry. then and there i knew i had something with niall.

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