Destined For Love

BLURB- Tory is having fun since she was adopted last summer. By Niall Horan's family. She and Niall have a lot of fum until he goes on the X-Factor. He becomes famous and he is in a band called One Direction which is becoming the hottest thing on the planet. The only problem is... will she like the band? Read it to find out more!!


1. Niall?

Tory's POV

     I walking home from school. It was a Friday and Mel was coming over soon so I was excited. "I can't wait!" I thought to myself. We were going to the movies to see The Avengers. Well, long story short some hot guys were hitting on Mel and asked her if she wanted to go to the movies. She said yes, on one condition. I was going to be allowed to come and I would sit right next to her at all times. I'm glad I have a friend who looks out for me and takes me wherever I go. I walked up the stone path that I had walked on so many times since that summer. I looked up at the big green and pink door. I remembered the day that I came and there was a note on the door. It said, "We painted your door so you can have one just like you, Loser!" I wasn't a loser was I? Mel always said I was awesome but I couldn't be sure. I tried to open the door and I sighed. It was locked and Niall was supposed to be home by now. He was supposed to give me and Mel singing lessons before we left. I unlocked the door. "Niall!" I yelled. "Niall! Where are you!!!???" I yelled. I was angry now and I could hear it in my voice. Why did he always have to do this? Why couldn't he just do something right for once? I stopped. I could hear faint guitar playing from the courtyard. I walked out to Niall sitting, playing his guitar and Mel just sitting on the bench listening to him. "How..." I began to talk but Niall cut me off. "She was waiting for her mom so I drove her home and had her call her mom on my cell," he said not even looking up from his guitar. Mel shot a huge smile at me. I must have looked dumb-founded because Mel literally wiped the smile off her face and turned back to Niall. Or as she called him "Nialler."

Niall's POV

      Tory finally shut up and sat down. Great, we could start now. We had been working on a song for a while now so I decided to try it. I started playing "I'm Yours" and Melanie got a huge smile on her face. She liked this song. I did too. I looked at Melanie. She was so pretty. I wondered if she knew how beautiful she was. So what if she was 16 and I was 17? I had pulled that before and nobody had cared. I looked at Tory. She was singing. I could hear her crisp voice float to my ears. She was a really good singer. I turned back to Melanie. I heard her beautiful but edgy,crisp voice taunting me. I wanted her. I wanted her bad. I just didn't know if she wanted me. So, I waited. I was apparently staring because as I "snapped out of it" she gave me a weird look and then smiled. I sheepishly smiled back while, I'm sure, blushing. She got up and I immediately stopped playing. Melanie smiled, "Well, that was fun!" Tory nodded. I said ,"But.. we didn't even finish the song..." I could hear the sorrow in my voice. Shoot. "We've been waiting for my best best best best best bestest friend ever for so long that we have to get ready to go to the movies now," she said . I looked across the courtyard at the clock. It was an hour and a half before they were going to leave. How much time did she need? She was as beautiful as a person can get. "But..." I started to say but Melanie interrupted me, "I know you want me Niall but you're just going to have to wait until I get home.." she said mocking me. "How did you know?" I said and I meant it. Apparently she took it as a joke because she started laughing. She put her arm around me and rested her head on my shoulder. I was about to explode. I couldn't do it anymore. I wanted to ask her right then and there if she would marry me and we could live happily ever after. She sweetly whispered, "Goodbye Nialler" into my ear. I wanted to turn around and kiss her. Wait... Nialler? She walked into the house and Tory giggled. "Nice going loverboy," she said and went in the house. One song played over and over through my head. Lovebug by The Jonas Brothers. I started singing it out loud. I looked up at Tory's window to see Melanie staring at me. I decided to call her Mel from now on. Wait... I noticed that the window was open. She was blushing and giggling as Tory whispered something in her ear. "CRAP!!" I thought. "Tory's telling her!"  I ran into the house. I have never been so scared.

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