Destined For Love

BLURB- Tory is having fun since she was adopted last summer. By Niall Horan's family. She and Niall have a lot of fum until he goes on the X-Factor. He becomes famous and he is in a band called One Direction which is becoming the hottest thing on the planet. The only problem is... will she like the band? Read it to find out more!!


3. Hey Mel?

Tory's POV

After Mel had calmed down she came back. I was so happy and I was so mad at myself at the same time. We hugged each other for a while. Like friend hug. I thought this would stir up tears in Mel but it didn't. Hmm I wonder why. We decided not to go to the movies. I knew this would cause problems in school tomorrow but hey, that's what Mel wanted. We could hear Niall singing down stairs. Mel started laughing and blushed. "What?" I said. "It's a secret," she said. If there's one thing that Niall had taught me was how to get people to tell you something. "Come on..." I said. I made my puppy face. "Oh fine," she said. Success. "I like Niall!" She said. Like I didn't know that but I went along with it. "What?" I said. "I like Niall!" she screamed with a smile on her face. "In fact I LOVE Niall!" she screamed again. Okay, I knew something was going on. But, since I'm a nice person I didn't question it. We went downstairs to where Niall was sitting. He was watching his favorite show. X-Factor. Ugh. I reached for the remote but both Mel and Niall swatted my hand away. They giggled and looked at each other lovingly. Oh great. I think I know what's going on. "I'm just gonna go take a nap," I said. I went upstairs and I could hear them talking. Then, they were laughing. I really wanted to know what was going on down there. I went downstairs with my camera tucked under my shirt. I walked loudly down the stairs so they would know that I was coming. Perfect. I could hear them shifting positions on the couch. I placed my camera on the shelf. They both looked at me. "I'm going to get a glass of water," I said. They went back to watching the X-Factor. How I hated that show. I can't even believe that my brother AND my best friend loved that show. I quickly walked back up the stairs and into my room grabbing my IPhone from my desk. I just had to wait. Just wait Tory... you can do it...


Niall's POV

I looked at Mel. She was giving me a naughty smile. I slid next to her on the couch. "Now let's see," she said. "Where were we?" she said with a fake British accent. She loved to do accents and impersonations. " I think it was right around here," I said while pulling her in for a kiss. We stopped kissing and continued watching our favorite show. A small women came on with dark brown curly hair. She was pretty. I think Mel noticed that I was staring because she kissed me on the cheek. I blushed and turned to her. Right when I was about to give her a kiss on her cheek she turned and we kissed on the lips. Oops! The lady started to sing and we both shuddered and then laughed. She wasn't good but she was probably nervous. I would be too and then it hit me. "Mel.." I said. "Yes babe," she said. "What if I went on the X-Factor?" Mel's eyes lit up. "You should baby! You are a really great singer and I would vote for you!" "Good," I said. "Because I'm going to audition," I said. "Great babe!" she said and smiled at me. I felt like I was being watched for some strange reason. Oh well. "What song are you going to sing?" Mel asked me. Um... I hadn't really thought of that yet. "How about so sick?" Mel said. "That was what I was thinking," I said and pulled her in for a kiss. It was like I was exploding. Her warm lips on mine and all. I was about to ask her something but Tory walked into the room. She looked at Mel and at me. Thankfully we hadn't been kissing or hugging. That was our little secret. She smiled at Mel and then at me. "Let's go!" Tory said. "What?" Mel and I said at the same time. "To dinner," Tory replied. "What else?" "Oh nothing..." Mel and I said at the same time again. Tory just looked at us and started laughing. "Come on you love birds," she said. Mel and I looked at each other. Mel looked sad and worried. I held her tight. We were getting ready for the worst. Tory looked back at us. "What are you doing?" she said. Mel and I looked at each other and I could see that Mel was relived. Good. That was all I cared about at that moment. Mel being happy.

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