Set Fire To The Rain

Hannah and Louis have been insepreable since the start; but after Hannah has a miscarriage with their first baby girl, they are closer than ever. As a new married couple with ups and downs of their relationship-they learn the do's and don'ts of marriage.

**Hello, loves! This is my third Movellas (check out my first-Let Me Love You- And my second- Another Time Together=Love Forever<3). They are all based on One Directon of course! Become a fan, like, and favorite my Movellas! -Bryana McKenzie Payne xoxo


3. Someone Like You

Louis was greeted at home by Hannah's voice from the bedroom. He slowly made his way up the stairs and stopped outside the door. She wasn't talking to him- she was praying.

"I'm so sorry Lord! It's all my fault- i feel like giving up. I don't know if Louis will stay with me and I feel like there's nothing left. Please forgive me and take care of my baby."

Louis ran in and stopped her, she sobbed into his chest. "I don't know what to do, Louis." she said silently. "I love you, I would never let you go. Like I said in my vows, 'I vowed to God that when I found Someone Like You- that I would love her no matter what. It is not your fault, it happens."

"Thank you, I love you Louis." she says and stops crying. "I love you too, love." he replies. They fall asleep in each others arms.



**Sorry the chapter is so short! I will definetely put up more chapters. If you guys have ideas for any fan-fictions or movellas stories for me, I will gladly accept!


Bryana Payne<3

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