Set Fire To The Rain

Hannah and Louis have been insepreable since the start; but after Hannah has a miscarriage with their first baby girl, they are closer than ever. As a new married couple with ups and downs of their relationship-they learn the do's and don'ts of marriage.

**Hello, loves! This is my third Movellas (check out my first-Let Me Love You- And my second- Another Time Together=Love Forever<3). They are all based on One Directon of course! Become a fan, like, and favorite my Movellas! -Bryana McKenzie Payne xoxo


8. I'm so sorry!

Lou rushed in the house after driving home from the restraunt. "Hannah!!! Hannah?!?!" Lou yells through the house. Hannah comes out, "What is the matter, Lou?!?!" she askes.

She is wearing shorts and white v-neck. Louis grabs her by the waist and kisses her. She smiles.

"Hannah, I am so sorry. I love you, you don't even understand how much!" Louis apoligizes.

"I love you too, Louis! I hate it when we fight like this. I want to be with you through anything and everything!" Hannah says. They fall asleep in each others arms, in love.

** The Next Morning**

"Hey Lou? I was just thinking, with all the early problems- what about marriage counciling?" she suggests.

"That's a good idea, we could hopefully work out our problems and such. It's just crazy how we didn't have any of this before we were married or before the miscarriage....." Lou agrees.

"It's probably because we didn't live together until the second month after the wedding. It's just new relationship tests." Hannah  says.



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