Set Fire To The Rain

Hannah and Louis have been insepreable since the start; but after Hannah has a miscarriage with their first baby girl, they are closer than ever. As a new married couple with ups and downs of their relationship-they learn the do's and don'ts of marriage.

**Hello, loves! This is my third Movellas (check out my first-Let Me Love You- And my second- Another Time Together=Love Forever<3). They are all based on One Directon of course! Become a fan, like, and favorite my Movellas! -Bryana McKenzie Payne xoxo


12. 'I Do'

"Bzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzz." went Hannah's phone. Hannah rubbed her eyes and looked over at Louis. "Louis...........? Wake up, todays the day." Hannah says, rubbing tiny circles on his chest.

"Hmmmm..?" Lou groans and turns, trapping Hannah beside him. Hannah laughes, "Lou! We have to head to the church!" Hannah yells.

Louis turns her to face him and smiles after kissing her cheek. They take their showers and Hannah dries her hair and puts it up in a messy bun.

She pulls on a pair of jeans with uggs and a sweatshirt. (Since the make-up and hair artists want the girls to be bear on make-up and hair.)

Louis grabs the keys and they head a couple miles to the church. Hannah and Louis kiss each otherbefore they go seperate ways to their prep-rooms, since they won't see each other until the wedding starts. 

Hannah stops outside of the door and opens it slowly. "Hello girls....." Hannah says. The girls scream and run to her, embracing her in a hug. She giggles.

"Your hair is gorgeous, and you look stunning already!" she tells Bryana. "Thanks love!" Bry replies.

After hair and make-up is finished, everyone gets into their dresses. Bryana comes out in her dress, a white ballgown with a sweetheart neck-line and tulle for the skirt with jewels covering the top. It has a champayne and black lace belt.

Her hair is an up-do with little strands of curls cascading down. "Bry, you look beautiful!" Makenzie compliments. "Thanks, boo. Y'all too, i am so glad they could come and do hair and make-up." Bryana gesters towards the hair and make-up artists.

There is a knock on the door and the wedding planner peeks her head in the door. " It's time! Are you ready, Bryana?" she smiles. "Yes." Bryana smiles.

Makenzie, Hannah, Bryana, Vanessa, and Kylie pray before they head out of the doors. The wedding starts, Bryana can already see Liam at the end of the aisle from far away.

Kylie walks down the aisle with Zayn, Hannah with Louis, Vanessa with Niall. Makenzie squeezes her hand and smiles before taking Harry's arm and walking down the aisle.

Bryana's dad smiles down at her. "It's crazy to think your not that little girl anymore that stumbled around in your mama's heels and pearls." he says.

"Aww daddy, I love you." Bryana says. The prelude starts to play and Bryana and her dad start to walk down the aisle. As soon as Liam sees her, he wells up in tears. Niall passes him a tissue and iam thanks him.

When Bry and her dad are dwn the aisle, he lifts her veil and kisses her cheek then gives her a quick hug before sitting beside Bryana's mother.

"We are gathered here today to celebrate the joining in matchrimony of Liam James Payne and Bryana McKenzie Woodson. In the Lord's word, he tells us to love ourselves and our spouses. We must love like od has first loved us. The couple have written their own vows for each other. Liam....." the preacher says.

"Bryana, I love you so much. You are the person I want to come home to everyday, to fall asleep next to, to start a family with, and to grow old together-and find in heaven when we die. I am so lucky to have found you and have you in my life. And I know that God loves me, because he took the time to create you-just for me." Liam says while crying.

Bryana wipes away his tears with her thumbs and smiles, her hand on his cheek. "Liam, I knew from when we first met that I wanted to be with you. You are my everything, you pick me up when I am down, and you mae my day better when I come home. God has been so good to me, and he loved me enough to bring me to you. Someone who embraces me in my hardships." Bryana says and smiles, tears sarting to trickle as Liam kisses her cheek.

"May I have the rings?" the preacher askes and Liam's cousin gives him the rings. Nicola and Ruth smile at Bryana and she smiles back. Liam notices and smiles as well. "Liam, do you take Bryana to be you're lofely wedded wife, to have and to hold 'til death do you part?" Liam says 'I do' and places the ring on Bry's finger. "Bryana, do you take Liam to be your lofely wedded husband, to have and to hold 'til death do you part?" Bryana says 'I do' and slides the ring on Liam's ring finger.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." the preacher says. Liam lifts her veil and slides his hands on the small of her back. He smiles and their lips touch as their tears mix. "My I now introduce Mr. and Mrs. Liam James Payne." the preacher finishes and everyone erruptes in cheers. The song 'Kiss Me' by Ed Sheeran plays.


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