Set Fire To The Rain

Hannah and Louis have been insepreable since the start; but after Hannah has a miscarriage with their first baby girl, they are closer than ever. As a new married couple with ups and downs of their relationship-they learn the do's and don'ts of marriage.

**Hello, loves! This is my third Movellas (check out my first-Let Me Love You- And my second- Another Time Together=Love Forever<3). They are all based on One Directon of course! Become a fan, like, and favorite my Movellas! -Bryana McKenzie Payne xoxo


13. Days Go By

It has been 7 months since Liam and Bryana got married. Hannah and Louis were conceived again with a baby boy, they named him Luke Anthony Tomlinson.

Hannah just got home from the hospital and Luke is doing very well. He amazes Hannah and Louis everyday. Makenzie and Harry are living together and Vanessa and Niall are enjoying each others company.

Hannah and Louis are doing better after counciling, they have learned more of each others strenghths and weaknesses.

Kylie and Zayn are now living in Arkansas, they live about 10 minutes away from each other. They have finished their tour of the world.


"Liam?" Bryana calls. "Yes, love? What does it say?" he replies. They bought a pregnancy test because they have trying for a couple months.

Bryana took the test and came back out staring down at it.

"It says i'm.........................

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