Please remember me.

1932. A boy and a girl meet.
What happens next? You just have to find out.


2. The date

July 29, 1932
"I recently woke up and I'm about to go down to accompany my mother and father at the breakfast table. Later on today I am meeting up with Stephen. This is our 3rd date, or what you shall call it.
He told me he had a surprise for me so I wonder what it is. I'm really excited."

Ah, our 3rd date. I remember it so well, I picked her up at their summerhouse and we drove for 30 minutes or so before we reached our destination.
We got out of the car and when she stepped out I couldn't help but look 10 seconds to long before she noticed.

She was wearing a blue dress that ended just above her knees and it was decorated with a white collar and buttons starting right above the chest going down and ending at the waist.
The dress fitted her perfectly and the collar laid beautiful at her collarbone.
To that she wore a red lipstick so bright it could light up a whole room if there weren't any lights or windows.
And her hair was just floating beautifully in the wind.

Who would of thought that on only 10 seconds I noticed everything about her. She was so beautiful and she still is.

Now that we had reached our goal I led her to a spot and told her to lay down on her back and just look up. Shen then asked me the most obvious question. "Why am I laying down?"
"Because my love. I have a surprise for you."

She then continued to look at the stars as I laid down beside her.
I looked at her and she looked back at me and asked "What is it?"
"You know I love you, right?"
"Yes, I do. And I love you too.. So much."

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