Please remember me.

1932. A boy and a girl meet.
What happens next? You just have to find out.


1. The beginning

I woke up in the morning, I stared at the clock and noticed it was only past 8 a.m. I sat up in the bed and tried to wake up, I stood up and looked out my window and noticed some swans swimming in the in-lake that is just right beside the house.
I have always enjoyed living here, well at least as long as my beloved wife was still here with me. You know, a couple of years ago my wife was diagnosed with something called ”dementia”. Dementia, what kind of word is that exactly? Probably something doctors just have made up to have something to say to us. But yes, she is suffering from dementia and she has done so for 10 years now.
It’s hard waking up everyday knowing the person you love the most doesn’t remember you. But I try to set value to the time we have together. And what I love the most is that before she lost her memory she had written down everything that she had been trough over the years we have been together.

July 21, 1932
”Today we arrived at our summer place. It’s always so beautiful here, even though it’s raining outside right now. When we were driving trough the town I noticed that everything was still the same, just like last summer. 
And tomorrow is the big carnival, me and Alison are going there with some of her friends.”

July 23, 1932
”Yesterday at the carnival was really great. Me and Alison road on many carousels and I got really dizzy. But it was so fun. And there was this guy who asked me out over and over again and I had to say yes before he did something stupid.”

I always laugh when I read what she wrote the day after the carnival. But boy do I remember that day well. It was the day we first met and the beginning to a whole new life.

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