The Nurse

a nurse who went insane


1. the whole story

one day three docters decided to pull a prank on the nurse they all had a crush on, they chopped a corpses arm off and put it at the end of her bed so that when she went to bed she would scream, when the nurse whent to bed, the three docters where standing outside her bedroom door, but she was to tired to notice so she just went to bed, the three docters stood outside the bedroom door for half an hour and nothing happened so they assumed they had put the arm too far down so she couldnt feel it. they next morning they went in her bedroom and she wasnt there, they looked eveywhere, and when they looked in her closet, they saw her, her hair had turned totaly white, her face looked asif it had aged 20 years, her eyes where rolled right back so all you could see is white, and worst of all, she was chewing on the corpses arm.

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