San'Deen was once the best place on earth, loved by many as it was called "The Capital of the World", but as time went on, freedom became a word that was dangerous to say, and a war were now at its start, Freedom-Fighters versus Law-and-Order.


1. A wanted criminal


San'Deen was so dark at this late hour, yet so bright from the neon lights and the few cars that passed by, highlighting the wet road in the rain.

A blonde girl were standing alone on a bridge, that crossed a small fake-river that ran through the plaza, in the middle of this giant city. She rested against the railing and watched the usually calm water get disturbed by the soft, falling rain. She were so cold and in a constant mind of panic, fearing that she'd never find whom she was looking for. Her feet were cold as she had lost her shoes on the run, and her long, white, wedding-dress had been stained with blood, that the rain couldn't get rid off as it made the velvet cling to her skinny and starved body. 

On sore feet, she began walking down the bridge, and everyone that walked past her glared at her with alerted looks, as she held herself, trying not to cry. Her skin had gotten pale from the cold, the normally curled hair were instead heavy and hang down her face, which showed her emotions with clattering teeth and hopeless eyes.

She crossed the now empty road, as all the cars had passed by. On the other side stood three officers, watching her closely as she chose not to notice them and kept on walking.

As she passed by stores and homes, she came across a wide wall, empty from windows and doors, yet filled with posters taped to it. Sales, concerts, commercials and a dozen wanted posters, where one of them especially caught her attention. “Valerie” it said, and showed the face of a black haired woman, with exceptionally blue eyes and a devils grin. This was just the person she was looking for. This very 'criminal'.

She clenched her hand around it and pulled it close to herself, closing her eyes for a short spell and gave the moon a wishing gaze, knowing that she had to be on the right track. Finally.

She gave the poster a few looks as she walked on, looking around and then down at the paper again, it had been curled only slightly from her embrace. After casting a glance over her shoulder, she saw that the three officers were following her, and she quickly speeded up in her steps, almost running. The small gun she possessed couldn't possibly take them all down. People bumped into her and yelled at her, blaming her for it, but she didn't give them a single thought, only this woman on the poster were in her thoughts. She didn't know where she was, what she was wearing or how tall she was, only her white skin colour and familiar face.

“I don't know much about you, Valerie, but I'm with you!” She thought to herself and looked at the grinning poster, and she almost smiled back.

Before getting a chance to look up or stop, she walked straight into someone taller, and from what she could see, they were armed with a rifle. Slowly, she looked up from the poster.

The person were a woman, with snow white skin colour, various black tattoos and wore a black leather jacket on top of a navy blue top and black, torn pants. When she saw the face that were half a head taller, her mouth opened in awe and her eyes shone with admiration.

The woman just looked down at her, expecting words as the blonde's expression had intrigued her. Black hair hugged her wet face and covered her right eye, her expression rather emotionless, but with the smallest hint of wonderment. Next to her, stood an African American woman, with a small, red mohawk and around the same height. She were eyeing the poster that the shorter blonde was holding, and pointed at the picture, talking to her, though the one holding the paper didn't hear what she said, as she had been stunned by the presence of this woman, Valerie, and she had forgotten everything; the cold, the panic, even how to breathe and blink.

Valerie looked at her friend as she spoke back, and then down at the blonde, talking to her, but had to repeat.

“Can you hear me? Who are you?” She asked and the woman shook her head, remembering again.

“I-I'm Ann-Louise! I've been looking all over for you!” She suddenly stuttered quickly, and Valerie looked a bit confused and asked, wondering:

“I know, but why-” she stopped talking, as the three officers from before stepped into sight.

Suddenly Ann-Louise was sitting on the ground, behind some parked cars, as the two 'criminals' armed themselves, the one with the mohawk called for assistance, and so did the officers. Bullets started flying around as the street quickly emptied out for civilians, and neither Valerie nor her partner-in-crime got hit a single time, but they had managed to damage one of the officers, who now were trying to patch himself up. Ann-Louise did nothing but sit still and admire Valerie's concentrated face, as she fought for her beliefs and rights.

Just as she peeked out from their cover, she saw a big, black van, driving towards them at a high speed, it's horn sounding loudly as it breaked abruptly and stopped as close as it could next to them. Valerie kept firing, hitting one of the officers in the leg, as she covered for her friend who jumped in next to the chauffeur, and she then demanded Ann-Louise to do the same. And she did, without any hesitation as she trusted Valerie 100%.

Behind the wheel sat another chick with small eyes and big, red pigtails, Ann-Louise guessed that she was an Asian. She sat and shouted after Valerie, and when there came a short pause in fire, Valerie took her chance and literally jumped in, landing in the lap of Ann-Louise and the woman with the mohawk. Quickly, Ann-Louise closed the door and the Asian stepped on the speeder, forcing the van to move at it's highest speed.

Valerie crawled over them, and into the storage room of the van, followed by Ann-Louise as they sat across from each other. Valerie was panting from exhaustion as she rested against the van's wall, looking at Ann-Louise that still had the same look on her, which now made Valerie chuckle.  

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