Just getting into the Halloween mood :)


1. Bitten

I was bitten,

On a cold, cold night,

I recall,

I recall well,

The night my life was taken,

I began to change.


Oh the fire,

It burned so badly,

I screamed,

Screamed in pain,

As the venom worked its way,

Through my heart and veins.


Then it ceased,

And it was replaced,

With hunger,

I needed to feed on blood,

To quench my one thirst.


Then I fed,

I fed on their blood,

As it met,

Met my lips,

I realised what I'd done,

To my only friends.


They are dead,

And I am alone,

To suffer,


Feeding off those who I love,

Until they are gone.


I'm cursed,

My soul is condemned,

I'll go to,

Go to hell,

That is, if I ever die,

For I'm immortal.

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