Please Catch Me

Beth moved to NYC to get away from her too-small home town. On her way to a Broadway audition she runs into someone interesting;)
I dont feel like writing a long description because I'm lazy,, but I promise the story is better than this makes it sound.


4. It's Time 4 Ch. 4 ;)

After lunch, the guys walked us back to the theatre. The couples walked in front, hand-in-hand, while Harry, Louis and I walked behind them.

"So... How long have you been acting? And few such..." Harry asked me.

"Oh, I don't really know." I awnsered "Back in Texas I did a few plays, but I don't think I was ever very serious until high school."

"What's it like there?" Louis asked.

"Where? Texas?" I said.


"It's beautiful. Lot's of open space and fresh air, but once you've seen it for your whole life you kinda want something new." I looked up and found Harry's eyes starring into mine. "Something different."

"But won't you miss it?" Louis wondered.

"If it's really that beautiful, she'll probably go back." Harry said to Louis, breaking our stare.

I was quiet for a minuet. Almost offended by his comment. But then I said "Not if I find what I'm looking for."

"What are you looking for?" Harry asked. We were now standing in front of the theatre and he turned to face me. Louis backed off for a second to talk to the others.

"It's just a dream really." I awnsered.

"It must be a lovely dream." He prodded me further.

But before I could tell him anymore, Cathy called me. "Beth? We have to go back in!"

"I have to go." I hugged him goodbye.

"I'll call you." He whispered in my ear. I jogged up to Jessy while she held the door open for me.

"Someone seems to have taken a liking to you." She winked and then went in, handing me the door.





A/N: Ok, so I haven't been updating very much, but I'm going to try to change that starting now. So be expecting more chapters soon. Probably longer than this one.

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