Please Catch Me

Beth moved to NYC to get away from her too-small home town. On her way to a Broadway audition she runs into someone interesting;)
I dont feel like writing a long description because I'm lazy,, but I promise the story is better than this makes it sound.



"Annndd a step step turn kick and hip and hip GET THAT LEG STRAIGHTER!!! And turn and turn and land and a pose!" we followed the choreographer as she lead us through the audition dance. "Good job ladies! Practice on your own." she walked to the back to talk to a dark figure I hadn't noticed before.

"Hi! I'm Cathy! Is this your first audition?" a short, perky girl with straight red hair was standing in front of me with her hand outstretched.

"Oh, uhm... I'm Beth." I shook her hand. "And yeah. This is my first audition."

"Well judging from your dancing skills you have a pretty good chance, but we still have to sing and act for them." Cathy's friend, a tan blonde who looked like she'd walked straight out of the ocean, answered from Cathy's side. "I'm Jessy, by the way."

"I practiced my monologue and solo forever last night! I certainly hope I'm ready!" I said.

"Well you'd better be good if you want to impress this director. I heard he's the toughest in New York." A petite girl with a sleek black bob and the face of a china doll said to me with a sour expression.

"I hope you girls are ready after all that talking! It's time to audition!" The choreographer yelled at us just then.

"Don't mind Charlotte," Jessy whispered in my ear. "She just wants to psych the other girls out."


Right when we started dancing the "shadowy figure" from the back, who turned out to be a young-looking business man, started whispering to the choreographer. After each time we ran the dance, the choreographer told a few girls to go sit down and at the end of all the dancing the only girls left were me, Cathy, Jessy, Charlotte and 3 other girls. 

Now it was the man's turn to speak. "Congratulations to the remaining seven! You will have a two hour break before I want to hear your monologues." We walked off stage and gathered our bags.  "Hey Beth!" Cathy waved me over. "Care to join us for lunch? We're meeting our guys for pizza." 

"Sure." I shrugged and followed them out the door.

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