Please Catch Me

Beth moved to NYC to get away from her too-small home town. On her way to a Broadway audition she runs into someone interesting;)
I dont feel like writing a long description because I'm lazy,, but I promise the story is better than this makes it sound.


1. Chapter 1...

bark ring bark....

I woke up to the sound of my tiny toy poodle trying to scare off the ringing phone.

"Coming!" I grumbled as if it could hear me. I kicked off the covers and trudged over to my phone, picking up Snowball on my way. "Yes..?" I said into the receiver.

"Hi honey! How is the big city?" said the familiar voice on the other line.

"Great, Mom. How're things at home?" I listened as she droned on about family matters and hometown friends. I come from a small town out in the hill country of Texas. Everyone knows everyone and that means everyone knows your business. Which is why I moved to New York City. "And guess what! Ally's planning a trip to come up and visit you!" Oh please no! Don't get me wrong, I love Ally, but that girl has been my social nightmare since grade school. I don't want her messing things up with my friends here before I even have any! And it's not like I can take her to rehearsals with me! Not that I have the part yet, I still have to audition and- Oh Shoot! The audition's today! 

"Mom, I gotta go get ready for my audition!" 

"Bye, sweetie! Break a leg!" she said before I hung up. I put Snowball down on my bed and let her disappear into the white comforter. I traded my purple sweat pants for black leggings and my loose white v-neck for a bright pink hoodie that I had cut the top part off so that there wasn't a hood and it hung off my shoulder. I wore a black lace sports bra underneath so that my shoulder wouldn't look bare all exposed like that. I pulled on my black uggs and grabbed my Vera Bradley tote that I packed last night and my matching Vera Bradley wrist wallet with my phone money and other everyday junk in it. They were both going away presents. I always love Vera Bradley, but we didn't have anywhere to get it in town. My parents probably drove hours into the nearest city just to get me a couple of bags, and it meant the world to me that they cared that much. 

"Bye Snowball! Be a good girl while mommy's gone!" After locking the door behind me, I headed down three flights of stairs and out the front door of my apartment complex. I felt my phone vibrate, when I checked it I saw I had a message from my best friend that I left behind in Texas. 

From: Kristen 9:32AM

Break a leg! I no that ur gonna do great, make me proud bbg xx -K

Aww she remembered my audition! Best. Friend. Ever! But then I noticed the time, shoot its only 9:30? I still had half an hour until I needed to be at the theatre and it's only a 5 minuet walk. I decided to stop at a coffee shop on the way and get some breakfast. After all, I can't just skip the most important meal of the day. Especially not when that meal includes blueberry scones and lattes. I was daydreaming about the scones when I opened the door onto a tall stranger. He spilled his drinks and slipped in the coffee.

"Omigosh! I am so sorry!" I said as I reached down to help him up. "Are you ok? I'll buy you a new drink to make it up to you!"

He laughed as he stood up. "no, no. It's fine, I'll just order again." He said with an amazing British accent. Then his gorgeous green eyes met mine. "Where are you from? That accent's adorable."

This made me blush. "Texas, and you're one to be talking about accents," I replied. 

"How about we both discuss accents over coffee sometime, say... Now?" he offered.

"Now's good." I answered, taking the hand he held out for me. I tried to suppress giggles as he led me into line. "So where are you from then? I'm guessing not New York." I asked. "Holmes Chapel, in Britain." He said, still staring at me with those eyes that are greener than the summer leaves. I could get lost in them for hours... "You can go ahead and order first." he whispered, breaking me from my thoughts. 

"One blueberry scone and one regular latte for Beth." I told the cashier. I moved slightly to the side so he could order.

"Two banana-nut muffins, one scone any kind, and three apple muffins and umm.. Five hot chocolates for Harry." Harry. What a cute name. I'll have to remember that.

"Ordering for a group?" I asked as Harry led me to a table by the windows.

"My band's having a meeting in a building near by." He explained. "but tell me about yourself. What are you doing this lovely morning?"

"I'm on way to audition for a part in a broadway show. It's not huge, but it pays well and it'll help me get enough for the pent house in my building." I told him. I don't know why I decided to tell him all the details, but I continues explaining my life's story to him and he listened politely the whole time.

"Wow," was all he said at the end of my rant.

"what?" I wondered, suddenly very self-conscious.

"You're amazing. That's all." he answered. I giggled then checked I was checking the time in my phone when they called my name. I got up to get my coffee but was stopped by Harry's muscular arm. "Give me your phone, I want to out my number in it." Straight forward, but apparently effective because I gave it to him. He handed it back to me as I sat back down at the table. My messages was open and I could see a message sent to a "Harry My Love" it read

From: Beth 9:49 AM

Hey I just met you and this is crazy but here's my number so text me later. I hope to see you again soon Beth!

I couldn't help but laugh at his message and contact name. A few minuets later we waved goodbye and I jogged down the street to the theatre making in with just two minuets to spare. I pulled my curly blonde hair into a tight bun using the hair tie on my wrist.

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