Please Catch Me

Beth moved to NYC to get away from her too-small home town. On her way to a Broadway audition she runs into someone interesting;)
I dont feel like writing a long description because I'm lazy,, but I promise the story is better than this makes it sound.


3. ...and Chapter 3

"So, Beth, what song are you going to sing?" Charlotte asked me on our way to lunch.

" 'King of Anything' " I answered.

"Ooo!! The one that goes 'Who cares if you disagree? You are not me...' " Jessy started singing then the other girls joined in. " 'Who made you KING of anything?!' " We all laughed and I nodded in response. Three guys walked out of the resturaunt we were standing in front of and stood behind the other girls. Since they were all facing me, none of them could see the guys walking up behind them. The dark one in the middle with a streak of blonde in the front of his hair put a finger up to his lips to tell me not to say anything. So I didn't and I let the girls continue to sing. Then all at the same time grabbed a girl by the waist and lifted them in the air. All three girls screamed and I laughed along with the boys.

"ZAYN!" Charlotte squealed, lightly hitting the one that told me to be quite. But then he bent down and gave her a big kiss that seemed to make everything better for Charlotte.

"So who's this?" A blonde boy asked Jessy as he gestured to me.

"This is Beth!" Jessy answered proudly as if she was showing off her new puppy. "She's auditioning for the same show as us! And she's done really good so far."

"That's lovely." The blonde boy said. "I'm Niall. And this is Zayn and Liam." The other two waved at me as he said their names.

"Let's go inside, we already have a table." Liam said and held open the door for us. The guys lead us to the back of the resturaunt and we were all laughing at something Niall had said when I looked up and met the perfectly green eyes of a familiar stranger.

"Beth?" he said. Then louder "Beth!" He ran up and hugged me. I was too stunned to react and looking around I could tell everyone else was too. Then Harry released me and held me under his arm. "Guys! This is Beth! We met this morning at the coffee shop." At that statement, Niall, Zayn, Liam and another guy I hadn't met seemed much more interested in me than before.

"Ah... So your the coffee girl?" the Zayn said, I looked to the girls for support but they seemed just as confused as I was.

"Nice to meet you Dear Beth! I'm Louis and I've got a feeling that we'll get along just fine, mate!" the stranger, apparently Louis, said while shaking my hand vigorously up and down.

"Am I missing something?" I whispered in Cathy's ear as the guys all watched me like I was an animal in the zoo.

"We may be dating three-fifths of them, but that doesn't mean we understand them." she whispered back.

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