diary of a vampires girlfriend

when Ella discovers that her new boyfriend is vampire she must tell her mum the truth but will she relizaze how there are good sides.


1. the start


dear diary,

The weirdest thing happened to me today. it all happened in form room. I was at my desk looking at my film home work asignment when the new boy came up to me. He had transferd from st mary's private academy. so i was just sitting down when he came up to me.

"um you know form is over" said joseph

"oh" I said

"Can you show me to media studies" said joseph

"ok it is my next lesson"  i said

so we walked to class and he told me everything about him. I wrote every thing down in a book. this was so i could write a factfile. here it is.

name: Joseph Albert Charles Christiphor Antony jones

Age: 16

From: down in scotland from a rich family

Reason he transford: his dad was moving to work in a computer buisness

likes: cheese, blond hair ( ooh i should change my hair colour from brown to blond) and chicken 

dislikes: the sun, garlic ( need to remember don't buy garlic and bring it to school) and stick

paragraph of writing for his play in drama: (that was to long so I forgot)

tomorow we are doing a media project together.

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