the exchange program.

Belle Ballard is Beauxbaton's very best bad girl. She's always wreaking havoc and always getting away with it, thanks to the relaxed attitude of the Angélique house leader. But, in her fifth year, she's forced to switch schools for the year to stay at Hogwarts. Gee, I wonder what could go wrong with that?! Add a gram of the Marauders, a sprinkle of two werewolves and a tablespoon of mayhem, and you end up with... Wait, what? A jealous Lily, a suspicious Marlene and a desperate Sirius. Well, I didn't see that coming!

(This is sort of based off my charrie in HOGWARTSREGENERATED. Thus, the house name is too. I didn't invent it, and I don't claim to have done either.)


1. chapter one

Belle Ballard was the baddest bad girl in all of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She was beautiful, she was talented, she was slightly disturbing and she ALWAYS got away with her schemes. No-one ever knew why, except for herself and the headmistress of the school. The reason? She always blamed it on the fact that she needed to release some anger, that the full moon was approaching and that she needed to burn off some steam. Belle was a werewolf. 

Since she was seven and had her worst transformation of her life, resulting in scratches and scars all over her young body, the young Frenchie thought that the name was wasted on her. Belle. It was so elegant, so pretty, so... So unlike her. Tall, skinny, straw like hair, clumsy... No, Belle really wasn't a name suited for someone with her condition. The only person at the academy who knew, that wasn't a teacher, was her roommate, Yvonne. Fair play to the girl, really. If she's got the guts to chase after Belle on a full moon, then it's probably fair that she found out.

Yvonne and Belle weren't exactly best friends. They got along, sure. But they wouldn't go out of their way to hang out with the other. So, when news came about that Belle was going to be part of the Exchange Program, no tears were shed. A simple nod and a pathetic wave sent Belle on her way to England, and when she woke up, she'd arrived. It was clearly late morning the next day. They (Belle and the nine other fourth to seventh years chosen for the program) hadn't left 'til late. They were all shaken awake and shown to their respective exchange housing, while Belle was taken off to see the headmaster. 

"I'm sure we'll be able to accommodate," Professor Dumbledore said, smiling warmly and looking over the rims of his half-moon spectacles, eyes shining brightly. "We already have another werewolf at the school," he stage-whispered.
"Really? Who?" Belle asked, hoping not to sound too rude. Not yet, anyway. The man was being awfully nice to her, and she didn't want to reject that. 
"A fourth year by the name of Remus Lupin. We will try to keep you apart on full moons. As long as you stay out of the forest, we shouldn't have much of an issue," Dumbledore explained.
"Right... Well, thanks for everything, professor," Belle said, thick French accent showing as she tried to reel off the English my mother had insisted she learned. It really was coming in useful, the girl had to admit.
"That's perfectly alright, Miss Ballard. Now, I'm sure you have been shown where your housing is?" he asked, sliding a glance towards the Beauxbatons Headmistress.
"Yes, sir," she said, smiling lopsidedly.
"Wonderful!" he grinned, shaking Belle's hand as she stood up.


Leaving the headmasters study, and keeping my head awfully low, I hurried through the corridors in an attempt to find where I would be staying. After about fifteen minutes, I found myself slumped against a wall and growling irritably. Lost. Marvelous.
"Alright there, Blondie " a slightly deep voice asked me, and I looked up through my fringe, spotting a tall, raven haired boy with his school tie undone. I rolled my eyes.
"Do I look it?" I asked sarcastically, keeping my hair in my face so as to hide the particularly long gash from my ear to just right of my chin.
"Well, I was just being polite," he muttered, crossing his arms. "You ain't from here, are you?"
"Congratulations, you can hear my voice," I said, voice pretty much dripping with sarcasm. I felt his fist collide gently with my shoulder and I winced back in pain. "What the hell was that for?!"
"It was a joking gesture, lighten up," he chuckled, leaning against the wall too. I flicked my hair out of my eyes and heard him gasp. "I don't know whether to tell you you're beautiful or whether I should ask you how-?"
"You do not want to know," I sighed. Wait, sighing? Was I relaxing around the boy? Oh, no. I had to be sarcastic. "It's a long story that you do not want to get yourself into."
"Right... Well, it was good meeting you, uh..."
"Don't care," I grinned and walked off, leaving him there alone.

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