the secret house

when a house of ghost dogs are found by the town,elly has to help them find the old zombie house. when her friend is kidnapped will she continue with the mission?


1. prolouge

A long time ago on the 31st of October 1970 there lived five puppies. they were owned by five friends. they were trick or treating while they let there dogs out. there dogs were in a big haunted mansion but they were lost. In they house were zombies meeting with some vampires. they needed one more sip of blood to burn down the building.

"we need to do this tonight" said the zombies slowly

"well sorry but we could not drain enough blood but we couldn't find a dog" said the vampires

the puppies could here the words they were saying but one barked.

"shush bud do you want to be burnt" said lucy

sadly the zombies had heard and sent a vampire up as a bat.

"so you puppies are 1 years old. fresh blood. friends get them" said the head vampire

they were cornered and in 3 seconds flat they were dead. they were bitten and the house 3 seconds later burnt and zombies and vampires left. The puppies had turned to statues and one to a ghost. They were never seen again.


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