Left Behind *Harry Styles Love Story*

I walked into the court room tugging on my outfit. What can I say I'm nervous, my mum just died and now I'm in court to see if I'm gonna have to stay with my brother. I hate my brother he can go get hit by a bus for all I care. Harsh? Nah its just how I feel. Hes a fucking douche! Just Saying. You people may love him, but Louis Tomlinson isn't what he seems like.


10. Chapter 7.

~Brianna's P.O.V.~

I lay there sobbing silently to myself, in the bathroom.
I slit my wrist about five times, it didn't hurt it is something I've already gotten used to.
I didn't want to go out. They would be waiting. They know.

They know everything.

A knock at the door made me jump a little.

"Brianna come out of there, you've been there for almost an hour. And Niall has to pee." Said Harry behind the closed door.
Is he trying to be funny? Does he not know, he kidnapped me? What is wrong with im.

I stayed quiet not doing anything, just holding still, waiting for him to leave me alone. For good. I heard him sigh, and footsteps going away.
I sighed in relief that he had gone. Why couldn't they just leave me be? I was happier, without them in my life. 

Several minutes passed. Nothing came. Nothing happened. 

My head snapped as I remembered they had Sam too. "Shit." I muttered under my breath.
I can't believe I didn't remember her until now! Has she woken up though? Probably not. I know for a fact that is she had, she'd be creaming bloody murder. The drug or whatever they had used must have been really strong for her.

Why did they do it anyway? I mean, wouldn't want a bother like me around.
Why did they take Sam too? Maybe because she might have called the police? Yeah probably it.
I knew I wasn't going to know for sure. I didn't want to talk to them, let alone see them.

But how did they know it was me? Its been two years. two long years. I couldn't look the same, could I? 
I wear my hair longer. And as I see my eyes, they're not the same thing someone saw in them when my mum was alive.
They weren't the same thing someone saw, when I was depressed back then, not the same thing Sam saw in me when I had no one.
Now they were definitely different.

I heard another knock on the door, this time rougher.

"Brianna, stop acting like this right now! Get out of the bathroom, now!" Louis said, sounding angry.
I ignored him,  of course. I didn't care what he said. He isn't anyone to me. 


I must have fallen asleep earlier. When I awoke, I was now on a bed. 

Someone must have unlocked the door, and carried me from the airport to--
I looked up, it looked like a hotel room.

"Lou she's awake!" I heard noise coming from the door. Was someone here with me? Did they watch me sleep? God that just gives me the creeps. 
The noise came closer every time. I turned to the other side, to be surprised by Harry sitting on a chair next to the bed, my eyes went wide. He sat there grinning.

The door opened revealing a tired Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Nicole. All of them grinning madly. They all came closer, once they reached the edge of the bed, all their smiles, turned to frowns.

"Why?" Louis asked tears forming in his eyes. I was confused. Did he mean why did I run away? He gestured to my arm, that was uncovered.
That when I realized what he meant, I looked at the others, they were all watching me intently, worry showed in all of their eyes.
I didn't answer, nor do anything. Just  mimicked their gestures, everyone watching me, and me watching them all.

I sighed, I couldn't take this anymore. I was tired, and hungry, though I didn't care if I were hungry or not. I wouldn't eat anyway.
I lied back down, under the cover.

"Brianna we want answers. Now." I heard Louis say. I rolled my eyes, he couldn't see me though.
"I said Now. Brianna." 

"What do you mean you want answers!?" I snapped at them, their expressions changed to shocked, and confused.
"You guys are the ones who fucking kidnapped me! You were the ones who wont leave me alone!" I continued, I was angry not only at them, but at myself. At the world, I was angry at everything. 

"We'll explain if you do." Zayn said calmly, typical him, he hasn't changed.

I scoffed. "I have nothing to explain." I got, and headed for the door, but someone stopped me by grabbing my wrist. I winced in pain.

"Mother fucker!" I exclaimed, I didn't even clean my cuts. It burned. I don't get that at all, when you do it, it doesn't hurt, But after a while, you put pressure on them, and they hurt like a bitch! I turned and saw it was Harry that had stopped me.

"We're not letting you go anywhere." I rolled my eyes.

"Don't touch me!" I growled, and got out of his grasp. 

"Why did you cut?" How did you cut? We were in the jet." 

I ignored his comment, and started walking once again, I was stopped again, by someone grabbing my waist. Why can't they just leave me alone.
I was thrown onto the bed.

"You're staying here." Louis said firmly. 

They all left, but Harry. He stayed out, and got under the covers.

"And what do you suppose you're doing?" I snapped at him. 

"I'm your roommate, we can't have you here alone." He smiled.

I rolled my eyes, grabbed a pillow, and lied on the floor. 
I did not want to sleep next to him.

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