Left Behind *Harry Styles Love Story*

I walked into the court room tugging on my outfit. What can I say I'm nervous, my mum just died and now I'm in court to see if I'm gonna have to stay with my brother. I hate my brother he can go get hit by a bus for all I care. Harsh? Nah its just how I feel. Hes a fucking douche! Just Saying. You people may love him, but Louis Tomlinson isn't what he seems like.


7. Chapter 4.

~Brianna's P.O.V.~

"Brianna!" the editor chief or my 'boss' shouted at me. "Get your head out of the clouds!" He scolded.
I sighed a nodded. 

I haven't been paying much attention to anything this morning. What happened today was really, really, unexpected. 
I have been thinking about all morning, and I can't concentrate. How could this happen? Why now? 

God stupid Louis! Had to show up like that. 

Good thing he doesn't know it was me. They think I'm dead. Well gee thanks guys!  If you ran away I'd most likely think you're dead! I thought sarcastically.  I rolled my eyes at myself for thinking too much of this. Its killing me inside though. But they don't know its me.  We probably wont even see each other anymore.

"Brianna!" my boss called. What now I'm paying more attention!
"You have an important task, you're going to photograph some huge celebrities. Now they're very.. unstable for these things. I trust that you will get everything right." He sighed before continuing. "You've been very out of it today, but I'm giving you this chance because I trust you. Don't let me down. You wont let me down right? He asked worried at the end.

I laughed and shook my head. "Of course not Rick, you can trust me." He smiled. "They'll be here any minute." I nodded and he headed towards his office.

Wow he must really trust me. Or maybe no one else is willing to do it since he said they were 'unstable' during these things. God I just hope they're not that unstable. I wonder who they are...


I was getting ready for the shoot as the people were getting hair, make-up, and wardrobe. I still don't know who they are though.

"Yes. I know but still it could be her. I mean they looked so alike!" I heard someone whisper behind me. 
"You can't be sure! There is at least seven other people in the world who look like you." someone else whispered to the other.

They kept whispering things to one another, some I couldn't make it out.

But there was something off. Those voices sounded very familiar, yet very strange. 

"But I know it was her! Her eyes. Her lips. Her hair. Her...everything! I know it was her, it was Brianna!" one said a little bit louder. Once I heard my name , and that voice my eyes went wide. I turned around and yet again this seems way too familiar, I saw them, all of them again.

I cleared my throat and they all looked at me. I think I was gonna be sick. Harry's mouth curved into a slight smile. Liam smiled, Zayn and Niall didn't have an expression. Louis he was looking at me very closely like he had been earlier. Nicole was seated on the couch a few feet away from us, she was grinning.

"Uh hello. Who is up first?" I asked in a french accent, Lets hope I can keep this up. But why here? Where I work!

"I will." Liam raised his hand, and going to where I pointed him too. He kept smiling really big. Was he always this smiley? 

Zayn, Niall, and Harry all kept grinning like idiots. All through the shots, as I was doing them one by one the others kept whispering and whispering. I knew they were talking about me.

Once I got to Louis, my hand was shaking a little, but I managed to keep the focus.
He kept trying to make small talk, but I just ignored him and continued pointing and telling him what to do and where to stand.

It came to where they had to do group shots now, and they wouldn't hold still or listen. I had enough and just took shots of the random poses they were doing. 

By the time it was over, I was exhausted. I didn't want to be there with them for two hours and a half. But I managed to keep a fake smile on my face, which seemed to be working. 

I had gotten all my stuff, and was ready to finally leave. But life just wants me to be fucking miserable.

"Can we talk to you for a minute?" He asked. 

I froze, once again.


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