Left Behind *Harry Styles Love Story*

I walked into the court room tugging on my outfit. What can I say I'm nervous, my mum just died and now I'm in court to see if I'm gonna have to stay with my brother. I hate my brother he can go get hit by a bus for all I care. Harsh? Nah its just how I feel. Hes a fucking douche! Just Saying. You people may love him, but Louis Tomlinson isn't what he seems like.


25. Chapter 22.

a/n: long chapter because I haven't updated in forever. Sorry! and if it's a little boring, i am also sorry. I just want to show how her feelings grow for harry, okay? Comment feedback? 

I felt the cold air hit my face. I snuggled my arms around me, trying to get warm. London air, I think bitterly. It never changes. Harry stood beside me, his phone clutched to his ear. This was probably the sixth phone call since we left his and Louis' flat; an hour ago. It was unbelievable that they needed him that much. 

Harry hadn't left my side, so he was here right now. I wanted to get fresh air; be free for a couple of hours. I thought for sure I was going to go mental! Just the thought of going back to the flat and stuck there for who know how long, makes me sick. 

I head Harry sigh loudly, finally getting off the phone, turning to me. He gave me a small smile. "Brianna..." I rolled my eyes. Just the sound of his tone, I knew my free time was over. 

"You have to go, right? It's okay, Harry. I understand. You can go, but I am not going back to the flat; unless you want to me go mental," I told him seriously. "You didn't have to come with me in the first place; you just want to torture me by always being clung onto me.''

"Yes," he says. "I did have to come with you. I told you I wasn't letting you go off on your own. And besides, you didn't even let me finish." I rolled my eyes, clearly not interested in what he had to say, unless I could leave without him. He was making me claustrophobic! How can someone just turn claustrophobic? 

My point exactly.

"Anyway, let me finish," he says. "Liam is dragging me off to something, but you and I will finish this off later. On a date." He smiles proudly. I raise my eyebrow at him in confusion. 

"No. You can go. No need to make anything up, I will be fine. Bye." I start to walk off in a different direction. This is great, I think. I can just leave right now, right? I can't even hear him coming after me. This is it. I almost squeal in excitement. Maybe, if I walk faster...

"Where are you going?" I hear Harry call out. I hesitate to answer him for a while. I stop but don't turn around and just shrug. I keep walking. And walking. 

He is still not coming towards me. My heart pounded in my chest, a big smile forming on my lips. This was better than planned. 

I turned yet another corner, finding myself in front of a small restaurant. I checked my pockets, praying I had at least some money. Almost squealing in excitement, I pulled out what I had. It looked like at least $60 dollars. 

I walked in, towards the counter. A guy who looked like he was 20 was behind the counter; his sandy brown hair swept on his forehead. It reminded me of Harry's hair and how he always pushes his curly hair out to the side, yet he still wants it on his eyes; Harry is one weird boy. I shook my head, not wanting to think of Harry right now. I wonder if he was going to come look for me. Or maybe he didn't even care anymore. Or, maybe he didn't think I would just run off. It didn't matter because I was pretty sure I walked—and ran far enough that he didn't see which way I had gone.

A short feeling in my stomach went off when I thought about it like that; he didn't know where I could have gone, which means he wouldn't see me—wouldn't see him. I frowned but eventually let go of the thought. 

The guy at the counter cleared his throat, probably because I've just been standing there for who knows how long. "Are you ready to order?" I looked up ahead to the menu. 

I nodded saying, "A Swiss sandwich..and uh, just a regular black coffee, please." I wanted something small. I was starving and I might as well eat something whether or not it might come out right after. The walk/run here made me lose energy. 

A couple minutes later, my order was finished. "That'll be $16.23 and your number," he winked which caused my eyes to grow wide. "I'm Marc." 

"Um," I hummed. Well then, I thought. This is awkward. I pulled out a $20 dollar bill and handed it to him; my food already in my hands. "Keep the change," I told him ignoring his second command and not giving him my name, I walked to the very back near the bathrooms, thinking I would probably need to run in there after my first bite, and also because I wanted to keep away from that Marc guy. 

I was never one to be flirted on at a random place—or, uh, ever. I was just too awkward and felt uncomfortable. And they boys around me probably knew... or could feel it. 

I hear you can almost feel the awkwardness coming from a person.

Strange, but probably true. 

I pinched my Swiss sandwich with my finger on both sides, holding it up my mouth, slowly taking one bite. And then regretting it. It was hard to swallow. The coffee even worse. I realized the guy, Marc had put sugar in it. Don't they usually have little packets so we get to decide that? I sighed, putting the the things to the side. 

Why had I come in here with the thought of putting food inside me? Well, I thought. That was a complete waste of $20 bucks straight up. 

I frown fell upon my lips. I accommodated myself, pulling my knees up to my chest. I didn't know what to do now; what to think. I mean, I hadn't even thought my escape route good enough. And it has been two weeks since I was certain I wanted to do it. And now, I didn't even know what I wanted; what I thought I wanted. My mind was just one fucked up mess. 

My thoughts were broken when I heard the all too familiar husky voice speaking, "Sorry I didn't get here earlier. I went to go fetch the guys." I looked up and sure there he was; curls, dimples, and all. What the actual fuck? I looked up at him wide-eyed. Behind him stood all the guys; Sam and Nicole with them with bright smiles on the their faces. 

Harry tucked his arms on mine, pulling me in a tight hug. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Don't run from me like that again," he whispered in my ear so I could only hear. I pulled him off me, keeping my lips in a straight line, not saying anything. Harry slid into the booth and Niall right next to him, making me be remotely close to the wall. I rolled my eyes, too angry and confused to yell at Harry when he slid his left arm on my shoulder. "I see you've ordered already," he commented looking at the Swiss sandwich with one bite and the coffee which was probably already too cold to drink anyway. 

I didn't say anything; I didn't say anything when the Marc guy came up the table. "So, what'd you guys want to order?" he asked the rest of them, seeing he already knew I had already. What I didn't understand is why he was here taking their order when ordered up in the front. While the rest ordered what they wanted, I glared down at the table like it had wronged me. 

Of course, how would I be stupid enough to think Harry would just let me go off on my own? Really fucking stupid, Brianna, I told myself. "Still not sure about the offer?" I looked up at the guy Marc. His question was directed to me and I knew what he meant. Did he seriously just ask me I wanted to give him my number? I didn't even have a phone anymore. And I wouldn't have given it to him in the first place. 

The others looked at me curiously, but I ignored them, snapping at Marc, narrowing my eyes at him, "No." He shrugged and left, probably to get their orders. 

"What was that about?" Louis laughed. I rolled my eyes, shrugging. 

When the other got their orders, I still left my food pushed aside, not caring about the looks they gave me, especially Harry. I yawned, tiredly. I wanted to go home—or anywhere, really. I just wanted to go to sleep; it being at Harry and Louis' flat or not. 

I waited anxiously for them to finally stop talking and eat faster so we could leave. The Marc guy kept coming over, asking if we needed anything else. I couldn't help but see he was looking at me when asking that. I guess Harry had noticed too, hence he tightened his grip on me. Then, he surprised me when he kissed my cheek over again, burying his head in my neck, also leaving kisses there. "Bri," he was whispering in a..loving way? Or it could have just been that he wanted the guy to back off from making me feel uncomfortable. 

I was more lost than I probably had ever been. It made me tired being put through that right there, and that causing the others to grin at the scene; Sam included. What a traitor, I thought bitterly. Though that thought only lasted less than a minute when I saw real happiness in her eyes when she was talking to Niall. Wow, when did that happen? I asked myself. What else had I been missing on? 

When they finally finished eating; desert included—they obviously couldn't help themselves, they let me out from being pushed to the wall and I could finally breathe and move without accidentally touching Harry—in any inappropriate way, yeah. Marc brought over the check—I still didn't know why I had to order up front and they didn't—he had handed it to me. I took a look it at and saw a ten digit number—his number. I ripped the check in half and that, again in half. 

The other looks at me curiously and I knew it was because they hadn't taken a look at the check. I mumbled how much it was and pushed past everyone, including Marc, bumping into his shoulder, and waited outside. They clearly came in a car, Nicole being pregnant and all, you know. 

I tapped my foot on the pavement under, impatiently. When the door opened I made my way to what I recognized to be Harry's car. I was whipped around to meet his sparkling green eyes. "Brianna," he said. "I mean it, please don't go off like that again." 

I rolled my eyes, thinking sarcastically bitter, it's not like you'd let me. "Why?" I asked him annoyed. 

"I can't lose you," he says, his green eyes staring deep into my blue ones, causing my heart to flutter. "Not again."

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