Left Behind *Harry Styles Love Story*

I walked into the court room tugging on my outfit. What can I say I'm nervous, my mum just died and now I'm in court to see if I'm gonna have to stay with my brother. I hate my brother he can go get hit by a bus for all I care. Harsh? Nah its just how I feel. Hes a fucking douche! Just Saying. You people may love him, but Louis Tomlinson isn't what he seems like.


22. Chapter 19.

-Harry's P.O.V.-

Oh godnot again.

What is this? The seventh time in two weeks? I wasn't really sure. Ever since I ran into--well, more like she found me. The girl from the restaurant.

I've been seeing her--or I wouldn't say seeing her, more like just hooking up. What have I been thinking? Nothing. I haven't been thinking at all.

But, she helps me do that. In a way. Whenever we're having...sex, I forget all about Brianna. She hasn't woken up yet. I'm not even sure if that's a good thing or not.

Of coarse I know it's bad thing, duh! But, in my case I'm not sure. Yeah, I feel bad. Yet, at the same time I don't want her to, becasue I'm scared.

Mar-Mattie, had already gone earlier, I saw from the note beside the dresser. It kind of makes me feel guilty that we're doing these kind of things here. In all the places, here. Although, it's not like Louis is here. He's always at the hospital, same goes for Nicole.

As for me, I haven't stepped a foot in that hospital ever since I ran out like that. Sighing, I finally got out of bed. 2:26 pm, the clock read. That's nothing new, these days.

Stepping out of the shower, placing the towel around my hip, I saw my phone was vibrating like crazy. Who could that be? I groaned, hoping it wasn't Mattie. I didn't necessarily like her. Thankfully it was only Lou. He had left me five text messages, three voicemails, and called me up to seven times.

The texts were filled with 'Pick up your damn phone', 'Call me!', 'Are you asleep?' 'Wake up, god dammit!' Same goes with the vce mails. Sighing, I began dialing his number. After the thrid ring he finally picked up.

Stunned, with the words he told me before he hung up, I rushed to get dressed and leave.

"Brianna woke up. Hurry!" After two weeks of her being..like that, I didn't care about what I had said earlier, my heart was pounding in my chest. I was going to see her.

Parked outside the hospital building, I was debating weather or not to go in. Yes, my heart was pouding, but also aching. Yet, I still wanted to see her either way. Maybe she would own up to what she did?

I ran through the doors, hurrying to her room which was on the 15th floor. Once, I got there, I didn't see hher right away. her bes was surrounded by the doctor, Louis, Nicole, and the others. I cleared my throat, which got most of their attentions.

Liam came over to me, putting a hand on my shoulder. "How is she?"

"She's doing well, but she won't alk to anyone." That stung. "The doctor is checking her." 

"Can you give me a second alone with Brianna?" The doctor asked. We all nodded, heading outside. I searched her eyes, when they also found mine, we held a gaze for a second, that she dropped. My heart sank a little. Being with Mattie, was actually working right up to now.

I noticed Louis was tense, but how could he not? The doctor came back out, clipboard on her hands. I never understood why they do that. Looking through thir clipboard, right when they're about to give the patients' new to people. I mean, they were just checking up on them. Did they really have that bad of a memory?

"It's not permanent. She's just traumitized by the accident, give her some time and she'll be back to her old self in no time." If she only knew her old self, wasn't the real her and she had more problems even then.

I may sound like a complete ass, but I rather her being stil asleep and not being able to look at me, than her chosing not to look at me on purpose. Whenever I tried to get her attention, it bounced off somewhere else more interesting. Hell, I bet she's willing to watch paint dry than look at me for even the slightest second.


Sorry, this chapter is so crummy. I'm still getting over my writers block. I can't even put anything in a right sentence without something being wrong. So, forgive me please. If there is any mistakes, try to ignore them, thanks.

Feedback is appreciated

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