Left Behind *Harry Styles Love Story*

I walked into the court room tugging on my outfit. What can I say I'm nervous, my mum just died and now I'm in court to see if I'm gonna have to stay with my brother. I hate my brother he can go get hit by a bus for all I care. Harsh? Nah its just how I feel. Hes a fucking douche! Just Saying. You people may love him, but Louis Tomlinson isn't what he seems like.


19. Chapter 16.

-Brianna's P.O.V.-





Nuclear Explosions.




That's what I felt. Nothing more than love. This couldn't have gone any better, but I won't say that, because I might just jinx it. Harry kissed me more passionately than I could ever imagine.

I kissed him back without hestiation. I had waited so long for this. I might just have been dreaming, but I don't think that in my dream I would be in the dirty ground kissing Harry. In my dream we would be somewhere like, a bridge. Yeah, a bridge decorated in lots od small twinkling lights.

This wasn't going to end up with a full make out session and then some- if you know what I mean. I wouldn't want that. With just that one kiss Harry could make my heart skip a beat. We pulled away from the kiss. Our foreheads touching, our breathes itched together.

I opened my eyes to see Harry staring right back at me, with a grin spread across his face. "You don't know how long I've been wanting to do that." He said breathlessly.

"Probably not as long as I have." He chuckled. "Why, exactly didn't you do that?"

"I thought-I thought that you wouldn't kiss back. I was afraid of rejection. All those years, as well. I was afraid now. I didn't think you'd kiss back. But, I'm glad you did or this would've been awkward." I laughed, but then regretted it. Ic overed my mouth so he wouldn't hear my atroucious laugh.

"Why do you do that when you laugh? I love your laugh. I love everything you do, everything you are." He gently pecked my cheek, temple, and the tip of my nose. Was he trying to seduce me? If he is, it's working and it's driving me crazy.

We lied down on the ground- Where else would we? My head on his chest, his arm around me. The sound of his heartbeat soothing me. "Harry?"


"What happens now?" He sat up, bringing me to his lap. He looked straight into my eyes and said whatever I wanted. I didn't know what that means. What did he mean?

I could chose what I wanted, yes, he was what I wanted. But, would it even work? If it didn't, what would happen to us? To me? I sound so selfish
thinking like this about myself. What did Harry want? Did he think this would work?

I still had things I needed to work out. Not with him, but with me. I mean, what would he say if one day he found out I'm still cutting? "I think-I think, I just want to take this slow, you know? See how this works."

"OK. I'll live with that."


I woke up grogily by the light. Had we really slept on the floor? Well, techincally I didn't sleep on the floor, I slept on Harry. Poor him, having my huge weight on him and sleeping on the floor. Well, that sure was nice of me.

I woke Harry up, he said that we needed to get going or Lou would be really worried sense we didn't tell anyone where we would be.

The car ride back was filled with lame jokes, laughter- which I didn't forced upon myself- and singin-mostly by Harry.

"Sing for me."  

"What? Me? No."

"Why?" Harry wined like a little kid. I shrugged.

"I don't really sing anymore." I said nonchantly.

After arguing over and over on me singing we finally got home. I guess I had won the arguement. We got into the flat and there was Louis, arms folded and a stern look on his face. I bit my lip, I had never seen Lou like this, not even  when he was being an ass a few years back. Over the two months I've been here I've seen he actually has changed since the last time I saw him, though I don't really talk to him.

The only one I do talk to is Harry, Liam, and Niall. Zayn has kept his distance. So I guess he's still. not over the whole I didn't commit suicide thing. Yep, that's what they thought I had done. I would've never done that, the reason is that I'm too weak. I could never go through it because I'm weak.

Louis looked down at Harry and I's interwined hands. "Where were you two? You've been gone since last night. I was worrid sick." I rolled my eyes at him. I was 18, I could take care of myself. "And what's this?" I knew he meant 'why are you holding hands?' He took me by the wrist, dragging me away from Harry.

OK, he could not do that! "Lou, let go of me!" I plopped down on the couch next to Nicole who was looking dissapointed.

"Where were you two?" Louis asked again.

"None of your buissiness Lou!" I told him, standing up. "God!" I left exasperated. He shouldn't be acting like this. He has no right, either.

-Harry's P.O.V.-

"You could've told me you were taking her out!" I rolled my eyes.

"I forgot OK? We're back! She's safe!" He took me to the kitchen right after Brianna left. I wanted to go after her, but he dragged me here instead. I knew why he was acting like this, but she was here safe and sound. I've taken good care of her, so why is he acting like this?

"Harry, remember what we talked about?"

"Of coarse I remember. And I have taken good care of her. Don't you remember what else we talked about? You know I would never let anything happen to her. For god sakes, I love her Lou!"

I heard him take a deep breathe. "I know. I know. I just want her safe. With the whole incident a few weeks ago, I don't want her to be in that position. You know how bad it hurt me when I saw her wrist like that? It was like the same thing two years ago!"

"But she hasn't. Her scars are almost gone, if you'd seen the progress she's making, you'd know that she's safe with me."

"I know, lets just...forget this OK? Anyway what was the hand holding?" I knew once he mentioned it I would turn crimson red. I loved the way she made me feel inside. Everything she is and when I'm with her, I get so giddy, I can't control my emotions. 

I've been forcing myself all day not to kiss her every second I get. If she wants to take things slow, then I respect that. "Not anything yet. She wants to take things slow, and I can wait for her."

"Thank you Harry, for respecting my sister."


We stayed talking a while longer before went into my room. I saw Brianna lying down on the edge of the bed. She must have fallen asleep there. it was only 2pm, but she must be exhausted from the ride and sleeping on the ground. I curse myself for letting her sleep there. 

I picked her up bridal style, debating on weather or not to changer her clothes, she's been in them for quite a while. It wouldn't hurt, although, it would hurt if Lou ever found out. It was a chance I was willing to take. It's not like she wasn't wearing any undergarments.

I started carefully pealing her blouse off, when I noticed lines on her stomach. No. No. No. It couldn't be what I thought. I checked  her wrist but there were none there, unless....

I took her pants off carefully. I noticed there were more cuts on her hips and her thighs. How could I have been so stupid? She lied to me. But how did she get another razor? I took them all away.

I couldn't believe this was happening. She was making so much progress. And there was even fresh ones. Fresh enoughm, that they could've been done today, but how? She was with me all day!

She wouldn't do it knowing that she had me, right? There were tears flowing out of me. I loved her, I really did. I don't want her doing herself. I put her clothes back on, carefully not wanting to wake her up.

My head on the wall, crying silently.

Should I comfront her about it or let her be honest with me and let her tell me herself?

I'm writing a lot recently. I go back to school from break on Wednesday and won't have much time, unless I blow off my homework...
Which I will most likely do that at some point anyway...

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