Left Behind *Harry Styles Love Story*

I walked into the court room tugging on my outfit. What can I say I'm nervous, my mum just died and now I'm in court to see if I'm gonna have to stay with my brother. I hate my brother he can go get hit by a bus for all I care. Harsh? Nah its just how I feel. Hes a fucking douche! Just Saying. You people may love him, but Louis Tomlinson isn't what he seems like.


17. Chapter 14.


-Brianna's P.O.V- 

"What has he made you do? Tell me  everything!" Sam commanded. The others arrived just a few minutes ago, Sam and I couldn't wait to get out of there, so we came here. The bathroom. 
"He hasn't done anything-well other than freaking kidnap us but...Okay so I uh you know-cut-" I whispered the last part. "And he found me in the bathroom. I don't know exactly what happened, because  I felt all bad and stuff, so that night I had a dream. It felt to so...real. Like it was actually happening. Well, when I woke up Harry was there awake watching me, comforting me. I felt...safe. Safe in his arms Safe with him. The next morning he almost made me eat. I tried and tried pushing him away but he wouldn't let me. He grabbed me by the waste, and I swear that he was about to kiss me, but Louis came in and we broke apart. Nothing else but that." I explained. She eyed me. 
"Did  you want it to happen." My cheeks flushed red. I have established the fact, that yes. I did want it to happen. Yes, I liked him. And yes, I wanted him. I nodded, answering er question. She gasped. "You like him don't you? He was your best friend years ago-except I already filled that position- And you've always liked him, though you never wanted to admit it, because you're scared he wouldn't feel the same way." Wow. 
"Exactly. This is why I love you. And you didn't fill Harry's position as my best friend. You filled Harry's and Nicole's position as my best friend, and I l love you for that. Without you, I don't even know where I'd be." I gave her a hug. "What happened with you and Niall?" Her face turned serious. 
"He's an ass. Period. that is all I have to say. I mean what is wrong with him? When I fell asleep on the  couch I woke up in his  bed, he had  no shirt, no pants, and his arm was draped around my waste. All he had on was boxers. I almost killed him for the fourth time this morning." She said exasperated. I started cracking up. I was way worse. Harry was  naked when he held me at the hotel room two days ago. "Stop laughing. It's not funny!" She whined like a three year old, which made me laugh harder. I probably shouldn't be laughing. Like I said I hate my laugh. "You're also an ass!" I finally stopped laughing. "Why were you laughing? It's not funny. I'd like to see you go through the same." she said folding her arms. She had no idea.
"Harry. Did almost the same to me back at the hotel. He was completely naked. I win." I dunno is I was proud I won or grossed out. Maybe a little bit of both. 
"Oh my god. Okay so mine wasn't that bad compared to yours but still!" She shook her head. "Did they tell you when they were gonna let us go?" I shook my head no.
"When I brought up the subject he just ignored me." Then I thought. "Hey why don't we leave right now? They're out there doing-god knows what- they probably wont notice us leaving, then boom we leave back to Paris, then we'll have to move somewhere else or they'll come for us again." She thought for a minute.
"That's actually not a bad idea..." She said. "But." I frowned, there's always a 'but'. "What about our jobs?" I groaned. I didn't even think about that. 
"Baby steps, Sam. Baby steps." I mumbled. 
"You know what you're right now, that we have the chance!" 

There it was. Once we 

We started walking, but someone grabbed my wrists. I winced. It was the same wrist I had cut yesterday. I turned around only to be met by Harry himself.
”Where are you guys going?” Niall said he was holding Sam's arm too. Think Brianna! 
”I'm cold I was gonna get my jacket from the car.” I lied through my teeth. I just hoped he believed me. 
”You didn't bring one. Here.” Harry started taking his jacket off, handing it to me. I mentally killed him 537 times. 
”Thanks.” I mumbled. 
”No problem. Lets go eat. We ordered for you." He said. Both of them leading us to the table. Niall slid in first inside the booth then Sam, me, and Harry at the edge. I bet they knew I was lying. Oh who am I kidding of coarse I knew, they knew! The waitress came handing Louis', Nicole's, Zayn, and Liam's food. She left, but not before winking at Harry and swaying her hips-like the slut she is- at him. I rolled my eyes at how Harry was practically drooling over her. It. Made me truly sick! I looked at Sam, she was giving me an apologetically look, I shook it off. I knew I wasn't the prettiest girl ever. I might as well take this as a sign that whatever happened thus morning was absolutely nothing. She came back with Sam's, mine and Harry's order. When she handed Harry his I saw there was a small paper under the plate. 

She winked-again! Is shes really winking or is there something seriously wrong with her eye? He opened it up and it was her phone number. What a shocker. Never saw that coming. Please, do note the sarcasm. I started picking at my food. Just by looking at it made me sick.
The waitress came back holding Niall's order. It wasn't the same slut that was flirting with Harry. 
"Hey, where's the other girl?" 
"She went home. Shift's over." The woman answered. I'm so glad. I wanted to start laughing at how Harry was pouting like a little kid. I didn't have to, because everyone else did, including Sam. I started picking at my food. This made my stomach churn. I hated being so close to food.
"Aren't you gonna eat?" I looked up to see everyone's eyes on me. I shook my head. "You should eat. Put some meat in you! You're all skin and bones and no fat. That's not good." The waitress said. I rolled my eyes. I've heard this a billion times already. Who asked her opinion anyway?
"Not hungry." I told her a little annoyed. Harry looked disappointed in me, so did everyone else, even Sam. 

I covered my plate with the napkin. I just pray that they hurry so we can leave. I felt someone nudge me from my side. I looked at Harry, giving him a 'what?' look. "You want?" He asked, pointing at his food. I shook my head. "Come on! Please! For me!" He pleaded. I rolled my eyes. I wasn't going to give in, no matter how much I liked him. I shook my head. "For meee!" He gave me a puppy dog face. I sighed. 
"One bite." I told him. He grinned. I took the fork and started spinning the pasta with it. It was just one bite. You can do it it Bri. I slowly took the fork into my mouth, swallowing it. It didn't taste that bad. "There. One bite." I said throwing the fork back into his plate. 
"One turns into, two, then three, then so on..." Is he serious? He was actually going to take it step by step? It wouldn't work, I've already tried and it doesn't work. But I'll just let him waste his time. 

"Can we go now? Everyone is finished eating already. Why are we still here?" I said exasperated. I needed to get out of here. 
"You haven't." Liam said pointing to my still full untouched plate. 
"So?" I asked annoyed. 
"Eat. Then we leave." Were they serious? 
"No. Go ahead stay here. You guys have places to be. We can stay here. I don't care." I said stubbornly. I was partially lying. I was just dying to get the hell out of here.  He sighed defeated. I always win. I smile triumphantly
"Lets go, then." 

It will be better next chapter, I promise. I'm gonna start putting the 'love parts' in now. Unless you don't want that...?

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