Left Behind *Harry Styles Love Story*

I walked into the court room tugging on my outfit. What can I say I'm nervous, my mum just died and now I'm in court to see if I'm gonna have to stay with my brother. I hate my brother he can go get hit by a bus for all I care. Harsh? Nah its just how I feel. Hes a fucking douche! Just Saying. You people may love him, but Louis Tomlinson isn't what he seems like.


15. Chapter 12.


-Brianna's P.O.V.-

Was I dead? Maybe I was. This seemed like haven. All the birds chirping a tune, countless times. The big green meadow, that stretched along the riverside. All the white puffy clouds in the blue sky. This was haven. Or maybe a dream? I heard laughter. Lots of it.  I looked around, no one was there. 
More laughter. I looked around once more, nothing. Again, this time I did see something. A family. Laughing, and playing. I went towards them. A little girl with two little pig tails. Brown curly hair. Brown eyes, full of life.  I gasped, I realized that little girl was, me. Yet there was something in that little girl that you see, that is different from what you see in me.  Her eyes, when you look at them, you see joy, happiness, and life. Things that are no longer in me. Something I wish, I could get back. But to me, that is way too much. Too much to ask for. Too much to handle. Playing with her-er me. Was a boy.  Louis. He was too, full of life. Had no worries. Just a child in need. Innocent, for a fact. Not the same Louis you would see today, too. The only things he had to worry was what flavour of ice-cream to choose. To whether he was going down the slide or go swing on the swings first. 
And now, what does he have to worry about? A name for his child. A child, he's going to have a child, when he's just a kid himself. Well not necessarily s kid, but a kid at heart. He still has his career going on. He's famous around the world. He has to travel all over the world. How would he take care of his family? By sending money every dew weeks? Is he really going to give his child what we had to live by. Not having a father there to console us. To be there for us.
I never was a daddy's girl, because I never had a  daddy. He was the man of the house, taking care of me, while mum was out working or resting due to the lack of sleep she had. Is that really what he wanted his child to be? I honestly don't think he's ready for a child. Not yet, anyway. Louis was holding onto a woman- my mum. She looked at us, her eyes full of lust, love, and compassion. Before she died, her eyes showed weakness, but strength at the same time. It showed how broken she was. Next to her holding hands with, and myself, was the man who walked out on us. 
The man who didn't care at all for us, just left for another family. He was the first reason I started breaking inside. 
"Daddy!" The sound of the little girl's laughter echoed my mind.
He was the one who started all of my pain. I'm not trying to blame it all on him. No, it was my fault too. It was my fault that I actually let him get to me. There we stood, all four of laughing and playing in the meadow. I don't know what this place was, but I didn't like it. It brings back so many memories that I've worked so hard to keep away. I did it for a reason. Or reasons I should say. One would be so I couldn't remember the times I spent with him. That man doesn't deserve to be a family. He left the family he left us for. Then karma got him back. 
I don't want to remember the old Louis,when he was a good brother, before he was a dickhead. Before he got famous. Why? I did it because it would've been easier to hate him. Telling myself that that was him, and not the Louis I once knew. To let him go easier. Mum, of coarse didn't see it. She was always working, but I didn't mind. She only sacrificed most of her life to keep what was left of our family going. And I admire her for that. She was, and will always will be my hero. After the incident I decided to push her memory away too. I though I'd be easier, to start a new life without these memories. Like all these memories were holding me back. They've always been holding me back. I could never get rid of her, she is my mother. A daughter's heart never forgets her mothers, the one who gave birth to you. The one always there. 
So why am I here? Why am I being made remembering this? I wish I could just disappear. But I think I already am. This may look like a peaceful place to you, but to me it was like being in hell. It  was hell.
Suddenly the scenery changed. I was no longer in the meadow. I was surrounded by trees, tall trees all around. A forest? Probably. There was a light of in the distance. Should I follow it? What if someone's there? A serial killer? Nah, I'm being ridiculous. Then again, when hasn't my mind played tricks on me? I decided to go. Maybe it was the light that lead to haven. Maybe I was dead. I wouldn't find out unless I went for it. 
"Hello?" I called out. Nothing. "Hello?" I tried a little louder. Nothing. I kept walking to the light. I guess you could say this was safe, but you'd be wrong. I felt hands cover up my mouth. I kept struggling against whoever it was. It was no use. This is just like the time when Louis and them took my against my will. But it didn't exactly happen like that. No, instead of being blacked out, by the burning sensation of rubbing alcohol being pushed down my throat. It wasn't like that. I felt like I was being awakened even more than I already was, like there was no escape. I bit the hand of whoever was holding me tight. 
"Shit."  He muttered. Never in my wildest dreams would I think he would be here, but his  is a wild dream. A wild dream I couldn't get out of, that is. He came closer to me, with every step he took towards me the steps I took back. 
"There's no escape Bri." He said. I didn't want to believe him. I had to get out of here, no matter the cost. I kept stepping back. There I knew there wasn't any escape, bu one. I had reached a dead end. It was a cliff. I looked back at him then looked down at all the rocks, then back at him. His eyes went wide, he knew I what I was going to do. 
"No! Brianna don't do it! You know you wont anyway!" I didn't listen to him. I felt like it was the only option. Well that or have him do whatever he was planning when he grabbed me. 
I jumped.
No, he grabbed my wrist. he stopped me, I was dangling on. His tight grip on my hand making it hard to get it over with. "Don't Brianna please!" He cried out. I shook my head tears flowing down my face. "Let me go!" I shouted at him. 
"I wont." He said firmly. But it was too late, his hand was slipping, becoming sweaty. My hand was finally free from his grip. "Brianna!" Was the last thing I heard him say before I couldn't even see what was happening. I was falling to my doom. Or so I thought.

I woke up.


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