Left Behind *Harry Styles Love Story*

I walked into the court room tugging on my outfit. What can I say I'm nervous, my mum just died and now I'm in court to see if I'm gonna have to stay with my brother. I hate my brother he can go get hit by a bus for all I care. Harsh? Nah its just how I feel. Hes a fucking douche! Just Saying. You people may love him, but Louis Tomlinson isn't what he seems like.


2. Brianna Marisse Tomlinson

Hello! Well do you remember me? Yes, Brianna.
Okay well after the whole you know planning to run away, well that was two years ago when I was 15, now I'm 17!
Anyways I moved to Paris, France. When I got there I stayed in a hotel for a couple of months, but when I was starting to run out of money 
my little 'vacation' had to end and I had to get a job, so I got one as a waitress at this nice little cafe in Paris. 

It passed about a month, and I met a Sam, I told her my story and she took me in. Ever since then we have been best friends she is 18 years old now and we're living in our own little apartment.
I learned french and i can speak it very well, but my English accent is still there but I learned how to hide it.
Now I work as a photographer, and shes a model. We work in the same building, but you know I'm taking pictures of celebrities, and shes modeling and getting pictures taken of her so everything is great in my life right now. 

Some facts about me-
Color- BluePink,  Green, and Red.
Movie-Scary movies, Romantic comedies.
Music- The Pretty Reckless, Avril Lavinge, Katy Perry.
Hobbies- Playing Piano, Photography, Singing
Food- I'm getting used to food thanks to Sam, so yeah I have an eating disorder. But her nah she has high metabolism, so she makes a great model.

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