The angel next door

A boy called harry aged 12 who has brown hair with freckles enters a house next door after hearing screaming.
Harry enters the house to find a nicely decorated house, with nice furniture, but when he enters the living room, standing there is a grey angel standing next to the T.V with its head in its hands to make it look like its weeping.
Harry enters the kitchen and there next to back door is another angel. But this time, its hands are in the cupped position now moved away from its face.
He hears a scream up stairs, but when he runs to leave the house, there is another angel in the way. Harry try's to exit the decorative house by the living room window, as he enters the room, the angel is now standing next to the sofa...
Harry avoids the angel nervously but it grabs him! Harry yelps for help as the angel starts pulling him towards its self. Harry disappears and appears upstairs. He runs to look for the stairs, but their is no staircase.
Harry gets sucked into a wardrobe!


4. 2011

I was in 2011, well that's what the date on the local news paper said. I was standing out side next door where I stood as a child 10 years ago. I'm still that person, the same age exactly.

In the windows, the angels were looking out at me. They looked confused. They were confused as the future me from 2011 was standing next to me copying every thing I done.

I blinked. So did I.

The angels got closer. They kind of just jumped out of the windows as I blinked.

The angels were stone alien things from an unknown planet. I kept blinking and when they finally got close enough, I blinked by accident and they killed me.

It was a slow death. As the past me was dying in the future, my life would have never exist so my family and friends would of never remembered me.

As I was dying, I seen the future me, starting to fade out of humanity. But one thing I seen in my head as both of me were dying, was the whole of time and space, travelling in a blue box named the TARDIS, with Amy ponds 'Raggedy Doctor'.

I started to under stand now.

Mrs Pond next door in 2001 was from the future looking after River song, as Mrs Pond was River Songs mum, and Rory Williams is River's dad. 


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