The Chosen One

18-year-old-Rosaleen returns home after 3 years in the sunny town of Arizona but back home in Tennessee. Rosaleen can't wait to meet up with her family and her sister. But something has happened and suddenly Rosaleen finds herself running away from danger.


1. Demons

I walk down the streets of Vandeille I look around, something's changed the lively road is dark and dusty. Everyone curtains are closed and there isn't a single person on the street. Weird I thought, I walked down and smiled there was my house, but something was wrong with it, the curtains were closed and the rooms dark. I knocked on the door repeatable, holding my suitcase. I knocked on the door harder, looking around what had happened around here. Last year when I came, there were people here and the city was lighter, more normal. Now I felt like I was in some horror movie and this was the street were the impossible happened.

My mother opened the door, her skin was pasty and dark circles under her eyes. She looked at me shocked, then looked around and pulled me in painfully.

"Mom, what's wrong" I asked scared, had something happened.

"What are you doing here?" Mom shouted.

"I thought you'd been happy that I'm here" I replied upset and hurt.

"I am it's just Rosaleen, it's not the best time to come" my mother exclaimed looking upstairs then back at me. I looked at her eyes, fear struck them she was dead scared, terrified even.

"What happened Mom where's Violette?"I asked Mom where was my sister normally whenever I came she would be the first one to greet me and welcome me. I looked around, my heart pounded rapidly I could feel something, was wrong.

"Mom, where's Violette?" I screamed tears fell from my face.

"Rosaleen she's not herself" Mother mumbled.

"What do you mean!" I yelled shaking my mum.

"When you went something happened and demons are here your sister is" my mother whispered.

"No" I whispered shaking myself. No not Violette, my 14 year old sister not her, how could this be, how could monsters be here and my Violette, No.

"Kill!" a voice rasped from upstairs. It sounded like my sister's voice but her voice was always musical and she never wanted to kill. This couldn't be I thought, but one look from my mother face told me something else.

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