The Rebound Girl ~ Book 1 ~ Completed!

Liam is having a hard time after his break up with Danielle and when he meets Bess Boone he sees her only as the rebound girl. When Harry begins to really fall for her though things are bound to get complicated. In the meantime, Bess is fighting depression.The story contains cigarette use, a little bit of bad language, and some possible mature content, so, be aware of that.


18. Zayn's Advice

‘Harry, come on, talk to me,’ I begged for the thirteenth time in the last five minutes but Harry didn’t reply and kept on looking straight ahead with a grumpy look on his face. I sighed and drank a big gulp of my Smirnoff Ice, thinking of how I would get his attention. I looked around the table. Everyone was talking with someone. When my eyes fell on Liam, he held my gaze and mouthed, shrugging, ‘I’m sorry.’

I narrowed my eyes at him. We both knew he didn’t mean it. Liam had kissed me on purpose out there. He could have avoided the fans if he wanted to and for some reason he didn’t. It was as if he wanted to ruin my relationship with Harry, but I didn’t want to believe that. I liked Liam. I liked him a lot. He was like the big brother I never had. I looked at Harry again. I put my hand on his thigh and leaned in his ear, saying one last time, ‘Baby, please, talk to me.’

He finally looked at me and for a moment there I really thought he would say something, but instead, he shook his head disappointed, turned away and grabbed his beer. I watched him swallow three big gulps before he put the glass on the table.

‘I give up!’ I said exasperated and Harry heard me but he didn’t react. I jumped down from the stool I was sitting on, grabbed my bag and headed outside. I needed some fresh air.

I went behind the pub and pressed my back against the brick wall, hugging myself. Zayn came outside too. He took out a pack of cigarettes from his jeans’ pocket, took one, put it between his lips and lit it up. I watched him surprised. ‘Harry told me you had quit,’ I said.

Zayn blew the smoke out through his mouth and nose and replied, ‘I tried. Turns out, it’s a lot more difficult than what I’d thought.’

I nodded and looked at the ground. I wasn’t really in the mood of talking or even being around anyone at the moment. I just wanted to be alone for a while.

‘Harry hates confrontations,’ Zayn said and I looked at him. He took a long drag before he went on, ‘He hates arguing so he stays silent until he’s not angry anymore.’

I shrugged and said nothing. Zayn pressed his back against the wall, too, next to me. He put one hand in the pocket of his black leather jacket, the other was holding the half burned cigarette, and crossed one foot over the other.

‘I don’t know if any of the boys has told you this,’ Zayn began, looking at me, ‘but if Liam hadn’t asked for your number that day at the record company, I would have.’

Was he hitting on me right now? I put my hands behind my back and asked, reminding him, ‘What about your girlfriend?’

Zayn chuckled, looking at the ground, and didn’t reply.

‘You boys are all the same, I swear,’ I complained and Zayn laughed.

‘Here,’ he said, handing me a key. I looked at him puzzled and hoped for his sake that it wasn’t the key to his flat, because if it was, I would let him have it. ‘It’s a spare key to Harry’s flat. We all have one,’ he explained.

‘Oh,’ I replied and mentally slapped myself that I was disappointed that it wasn’t his after all.

‘Harry left the pub the minute you left the table,’ Zayn said, throwing the butt end of his cigarette on the ground. He smashed it with his black boot.

He left!?’ I asked, annoyed.

‘Go find him and talk to him,’ Zayn advised and I sighed.

‘Wish me luck,’ I said and made for the door.

‘Out of curiosity, what would have happened if I had asked for your number first?’ he asked.

I smiled at him and didn’t reply. I left.


I unlocked the front door of Harry’s flat and walked inside. The living room was dark and so I headed to his bedroom. The bedroom’s door was half open and the light was on. When I opened it, I found Harry sleeping on his side on his bed. He was still in his clothes. I carefully sat on the bed and looked at him, smiling. His arms were folded and his mouth was a little open. I ran a hand through his curly hair, kissing his ear. He was such a heavy sleeper and he felt nothing.

‘Now what?’ I asked myself, looking around his room. After a while, I decided that I should go because I didn’t want to wake him up. I’ll call him first thing in the morning, I thought. All I wanted to do though was stay and sleep right next to him but if he was still angry with me in the morning and found me there he probably wouldn't like it. So, I got up and I covered him with a blanket.

Harry frowned in his sleep and I wondered what he was dreaming about. 'Is he a better kisser than me?' he asked in his sleep and then he let out a deep sigh. I knew now that he would never forgive me for what had happened tonight. I turned the light off, closed the door and left.


In the morning, Mina was making pancakes and Sophie was making tea while I sat on the kitchen counter, staring at my phone, hoping that Harry would call or text.

‘Call him already,’ Mina said, putting the pancakes in a plate.

‘Wouldn’t it be lovely though if he called instead?’ I said, taking a pancake.

‘Do you honestly expect him to call after what you did to him last night?’ Sophie asked, glaring.

‘It wasn’t my fault!’ I protested.

‘Well, you didn’t exactly pull back from Liam, did you? It looked as if you rather enjoyed the smooch,’ Sophie pointed out and sipped her tea.

‘That’s true,’ Mina agreed. ‘It did look as if you liked it. Did you?’

Mina and Sophie were both looking at me now, curious to know.

‘Oh, piss of, both of you,’ I said, jumping down from the counter. My phone vibrated and I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds. ‘It’s a text from Harry,’ I told them.

They looked at each other before Sophie asked anxiously, ‘Well, what does it say?’

I took a deep breath before I opened the text and read out loud what Harry had written, ‘I think you’re right. We should take a break.’ I deleted it and said with no emotion in my voice, ‘This is actually funny because he said he’d never leave.’

‘He’s a total wanker,’ Mina said angrily, shaking her head.

‘And on top of that, he’s a proper prick,’ Sophie added.

I faked a smile and went to get ready for work.

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